Janell’s Favorite Books of 2014

2014I spent a lot of time this year reading older books, so I hope you don’t mind some oldies at the top of my list.

heirThe Heir by Grace Burrowes (2010)

This book is a few years old, but it was new to me this year, and it has one of my favorite tropes: woman goes undercover as housekeeper. In a nice twist, the Earl of Westhaven doesn’t immediately lust after his new employee. Instead, he appreciates her competency and her baked goods. Anna performs her role well, and she only slowly develops a familiarity with her employer. Let me emphasize “slowly.” This is a long book with a slow burn, which I really enjoyed. [Read more…]

Review: The Danger of Desire by Elizabeth Essex

danger of desireReviewed by Janell

I read and enjoyed two books in Elizabeth Essex’s Reckless Brides series, and figured I should read all of them. But then I balked at the $6.83 price tag. I know. I swear to you that, on the day I looked this up, the other books were listed as free in the Kindle Unlimited subscription. I didn’t have a subscription but figured I could try it for a month and read all the books and save a whopping $10.50. Huh, now that I write it out, it’s not an impressive discount. [Read more…]

Review: Almost a Scandal by Elizabeth Essex

almost a scandalReviewed by Janell

I read my first Elizabeth Essex book a few weeks ago (A Scandal to Remember, reviewed here), the fifth in a series about Navy men and the women who love them. When I looked into the earlier books in the series, I found that the first book had a girl masquerading as a boy on a ship, and that is my catnip, so I tried to buy it. Then Amazon told me that I had already purchased that book about five months ago! So, good job, me from five months ago, for buying a book from an unknown author based solely on the premise! And bad job, current me, for letting my TBR pile get so big. [Read more…]

Review: A Scandal to Remember by Elizabeth Essex

scandal to rememberReview by Janell

It might be too soon for me to declare this, but I think I love shipboard romances. I know I love a woman stealing away on a ship disguised as a boy, and I recently read a fun book with a woman pirate captain, and now this one with a female scientist — a conchologist — going on a research expedition. All good! [Read more…]