Review: Girl in the Mirror by Elizabeth Reyes

Reviewed by Joanna

Maggie wakes up in hospital. She can’t speak, feel and this confused nineteen year old can’t remember even her own name. The woman crying at her bedside, apparently her mother, fills some of the blanks, but it’s a while before the hospital psychologist allows her the truth. While out driving with her twin sister and best friend, Maggie was in a terrible car crash. She’s the sole survivor. [Read more…]

Review: Noah by Elizabeth Reyes

Reviewed by Joanna

I picked this up because the author has a new novel coming out – a spinoff of the 5th Street series, and when I ordered the ARC, she said to go read these first because the guys crop up in her new work. It was free on Amazon, so bonus time for me.

This is the tale of an older woman (28 – ancient cougar), falling for a younger man (20 – baby) whilst not believing it can ever work out because of the age gap. The heroine felt so very old and out of style compared to the trendy kid. Yeah, it made me feel antique.

This is written in the third person remote, and it took me a long time to warm up to the story and the characters. I was at least a third into the book before I started to have any real feeling about who they were and what I wanted to happen between them. [Read more…]