Review: Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss by Ellie Darkins

frozen heart melting kissReviewed by Shelly

This is a quick easy Harlequin story that readers who want a pretty even-keeled romance will like. Business owner and caterer Maya Hartney’s latest job is to cater a charity function for Will Thomas’s company. During their first meeting, Will’s enthusiasm for Maya’s cooking is lackluster and humdrum. However, Will’s boss will pull the plug on his work with Julia House charity if Will doesn’t at least pretend to enjoy something outside of work. So on ‘recommendation’ from his boss, Will signs up for one week of Maya’s cooking classes. [Read more…]

Review: Hiding from Hollywood by Ellie Darkins

hiding from hollywoodReviewed by Shelly

Welcome to Hollywood! Working as a waitress in a run-down diner, beautiful but quiet Abby is in hiding from her previous life as an actress. Two years prior, at the top of her game as a very successful and sought after soap-opera actress in England, Abby decided to make the move to Hollywood. Without friend or foe, Abby’s life in Hollywood gets a very rough start. After her departure from the world of glitz and glamor, Ethan Walker producer extraordinaire tracks down Abby to offer her a role of a lifetime. Is it time to get back in the game or stay hidden forever? [Read more…]