Review: Just a Step Away

just a step awayReviewed by Janell

The blurb for this book infers a pretend boyfriend story, and I love pretend boyfriends! Unfortunately I didn’t feel that the book met my expectations.

Before I go on, I have to mention the writing style. The characters are very…loose with their discussion of sex and body parts. I couldn’t relate to it at all. So this is me, leaning on my old lady cane, saying, “Back in my day, we used purple prose like ‘turgid member’ and ‘throbbing manhood,’ and we liked it!” Kids these days apparently use crass euphemisms such as: fur burger, pussy pie a la mode, flick your bean, man-package, golden peen, and salami canoe. Is this the evolution of sexual language? Do we call it blue prose? Again, that’s just me not getting it, and I wouldn’t want to hang out with people who talked like that, but I bet they wouldn’t want to hang out with me, either. [Read more…]