Shelly’s Favorite Books of 2014


This is the year of series for me. All of my faves this year are part of a series, which is not something I’m used to. I think we all know how rare it is to find multiple books within a series that are as good or better than their counterparts.

healing the woundsHealing the Wounds by M.Q. Barber (Pub date: 06/02/2014)

This was my only A+ book all year long. It’s a ménage with BDSM written all over it, but the writing made me like what these characters were feeling – happy, sad, anxious, fearful – the gamut of emotions were all there. The 3rd in MQ Barber’s ‘Neighborly Affection’ series picks up the story of Henry, Jay and Alice. This takes us right to club where Jay and Henry met and we see a glimpse of time when Henry saved Jay from a guy who claims he’s a Dom. There’s a lot of crying, talking and soothing of emotions in this one which was one of the many things that made me enjoy it so much. [Read more…]

Review: Temper for You by Genna Rulon

temper for youReviewed by Shelly

Decisions, decisions! I can’t decide if GriffLo or Meg and Westly’s story is my favorite. Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have to decide, because I’d be here for a long time arguing the merits of books 2 and 3. I’ve read a few series where the first book is the best and the follow-ups just don’t live up the promise – Genna Rulon’s stories are out of the norm in that each story is as good or better than the last. I don’t know where she’s been or what she does but this author is a good storyteller. [Read more…]

Review: Pieces for You by Genna Rulon

pieces for youReviewed by Shelly

If I thought Genna Rulon’s writing was good after reading Only For You, which is book 1 in her For You series, I’m officially on Team Rulon with this story. It’s hard to be a good storyteller and Rulon keeps getting better. After reading Everleigh and Hunter’s story and knowing that Samantha’s story was next, I hoped for a good story and that’s exactly what I got. If you’ve not read Book 1 you don’t have to, but it’s good and I recommend it. Be warned – there are going to be spoilers. If you did read Book 1, this picks up immediately after, with Samantha already discharged from the hospital and in the aftercare program. This story does have mention of rape and physical violence, so if that’s something that you’re not prepared to read about, then stop right here. [Read more…]

Review: Only for You by Genna Rulon

only for youReviewed by Shelly

I got to this story a little bit backwards. I wanted to read the 3rd book (Temper for You) in Genna Rulon’s ‘For You’ series but after reading the blurb for this one I decided to start at the beginning. Based on Long Island, this is a romance between college seniors Everleigh Carsen and Hunter Charles. In their last semester at Hensley University, Everleigh and her best friend, Samantha Whitney are on a mission to finish college and move on with their lives. Everleigh’s got a plan for her future and a job to start immediately after graduation. Unfortunately for Everleigh, life doesn’t care about her plans and neither does the criminal who’s assaulting and raping the women of Hensley University. In an effort to empower the women, the powers that be at the University decide to offer free self-defense classes. Enter Hunter Charles, instructor extraordinaire who promptly decides that his class is neither the time nor place for Everleigh’s sarcasm and quickly dismisses her. [Read more…]