Review: Renewed by Harper Miller

renewedReviewed by Shelly

This is a very different read than the first story in the Miller’s ‘Kinky Connect Chronicles’ series. In the first story, the heroine Mimi was single, assertive, very sure of her worth, and even a bit of a jerk.

In “Renewed,” I found the heroine, Tanya, much more likable. She’s just recently separated from her husband because she found him in her bed with another woman. Turns out, that wasn’t his first time to cheat and I’m sure it wasn’t his second time either. Tanya is really torn up about the dissolution of her marriage because she expected to be married forever and she certainly didn’t expect her husband to cheat. I felt empathy for her because what young woman who’s going into a marriage especially with a man 16 years her senior expects for her fairy tale to have that kind of an abrupt ending. [Read more…]

Review: Ironic by Harper Miller

ironicReviewed by Shelly

Are you in the mood to read a short story about a woman who’s looking for a midnight booty call? Well, you should be, because this is a surprisingly good story. Remember way back when authors would write short stories, not novellas, that would incite you to either slam the book closed or gently put it aside – either way it elicited emotions other than ‘meh’. But you were never promised closure or even satisfaction. If you’ve never read that kind of short story, now’s a good time to start. [Read more…]