Review: Say Anything by Isobel Irons

say anythingReviewed by Janell

This is the followup to Wake For Me, aka the “Girlfriend in a Coma” book. I enjoyed Wake For Me to an extent, until the end turned all crazy Hollywood movie. The author is an indie film director and TV producer, so she’s good at keeping the story moving. This book didn’t get quite so crazy at the end, but I still felt that the romance was neglected. [Read more…]

Review: Wake for Me by Isobel Irons

wake for meReviewed by Janell

I heard about this book on a DBSA podcast, and the idea of a doctor falling in love with a girl in a coma, while she can hear him, just pinged my romantic senses. Girlfriend in a coma, y’all!

Viola is the girl in question. Her car crashed into an icy river, and while she was in the ER, she had a reaction of some kind that sent her into a coma. Sam is an intern (“doctor in training,” as some people refer to him) assigned to her case. He was in the ER when she was brought in; he saw her fail to recover; and now he visits her during his off-hours and talks to her. [Read more…]