Review: Better When He’s Bad by Jay Crownover

better-when-hes-badReviewed by Shelly

I decided to try this completely based on Carrie; well if I’m being completely honest, she didn’t love it but I figured – why not? The premise is definitely not my usual cuppa tea, a hero who doesn’t start out as a good guy nor does he even seem to have any aspiration to be good.

The first in Jay Crownover’s ‘The Point’ series tells the story of Shane Baxter. Bax, is fresh out after serving 5 years for a felony. He says he did it to save his best friend, Race, but when you get to know him, Bax had done so many unlawful things in his life he was going to get caught eventually. Prison actually slowed his bad a*s down and probably saved his life. [Read more…]

Review: Rule by Jay Crownover

ruleReviewed by Carrie

This is one of those books that had been sitting on my kindle forever.  I admit I jumped to conclusions about yet another good girl/bad boy new adult novel.  I was a bit of a wild child in younger years and I think because I never was the ‘good girl’, that trope just tends to ring cliched and boring to me.  Yet, every once in a while, an author can make it work and when that happens, it’s such a joy to read. [Read more…]