Review: Experienced by Jenika Snow

experiencedReviewed by Shelly

This is novella 4 in Jenika Snow’s ‘A Real Man’ series and my least favorite. Hugo, the Russian businessman (he came off as mafia), is back from Europe to celebrate Sabine’s college graduation. Getting in late from his long flight, Hugo goes to his friend’s home where he’ll stay in the guest house.

On his way in, he sees Sabine swimming in her black string bikini and he can’t help but stand and stare because you see, he’s come for her as he realizes that she’s the one for him. Okay ya’ll, the friend that Hugo is staying with is Sabine’s father (and mother). And did I mention that Hugo is 50 years old and Sabine is barely legal at 21? [Read more…]

Review: A Real Man: Volume One by Jenika Snow

real-manReviewed by Shelly

All of the stories in this series are basically a porn script, absolute smut. The novellas are HEAVY on the sex and the dialogue screams porn. But I must say, the one thing I appreciated is that there’s no sexy time with anyone outside of the couple. Small victories folks, I’ll take them as much as I can get them. Snow does gave fair warning in all of these stories – it’s insta love/lust, everything is insta and zero conflict/drama. And of course, there’s tattoos, lots and lots of tattoos. [Read more…]

Review: For the First Time (An Anthology)

for the first timeReviewed by Shelly

Title: Sole
Author: Alessandre Torre

This is a follow up from Hollywood Dirt. The author is new to me so I’m not familiar with the initial story. The short piece was fun, though, and was surprisingly witty and captivating. They’re a married couple, he’s a gorgeous Hollywood actor and she’s pretty in an understated way. The story happens during an hour of their lives. [Read more…]