Review: My Not So Wicked Stepbrother by Jennifer Peel

Reviewed by Ericka

“Always the bridesmaid and never the bride” phrase seems to fit Emma’s lifestyle. She feels as if she is cursed especially with her last name being Loveless. She is constantly being set up on blind dates by her matchmaker mom. Emma swears off relationships until her mom feels like she truly has found the “one” for Emma.

Emma gets a text from an unknown number and thinking that it is her best friend messing with her she says things that are definitely embarrassing. She then realized that it wasn’t her best friend texting her but her so called “the one” that her mom tried to set her up with. To make matters worse, it was the love of her life that she claimed a long time ago when they were in school. Emma’s life starts to unravel in a good and bad way.

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