Review: Saving the CEO by Jenny Holiday

saving the ceoReviewed by Janell

Confession: I was never into the billionaire craze, because they all seemed to be alphahole control freaks, and that is not my type of romance hero. Now, I’m not sure if the hero in this book is a billionaire, but he is a rich businessman, and I ordinarily would have passed this book right by.

However, I follow @TropeHeroine on Twitter, who posts gems such as: “You’re no one until there’s a wager about you in the book at White’s.” “I babble when flustered (which is pretty much all the time around you) even though I am otherwise a very successful litigator.” “I like a man who smells of soap and man.”  “I often look in mirrors and make note of my own hair and eye color. I might forget what I look like otherwise.” On and on, insightfully. [Read more…]