Review: Storm the Castle by Jolie Vines

Reviewed by Jen

I’m so incredibly proud and excited for Jolie Vines as her first book goes out into the world. As a romance lover, I’ve read tons of books with a Highland hero, but interestingly, almost all of them were historical or involved time travel. This is my first contemporary Highlander and Callum gave me everything I wanted.

As the story begins, Mathilda is contemplating marriage to her father’s business partner. Not because she loves him—she barely knows the man. But she desperately wants to build a home where she can invite her sister to come live, and her father would only allow it if she were married and could provide a stable environment. Her younger sister has a terrible home-life with her parents and Mathilda feels she is the only one who can save her. The would-be fiancé needs her as much as she needs him, to help him with some personal PR.

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