Review: The Billionaire’s Voice by JS Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

This book made me sad. Parents are dead. They have no aunts, uncles, grandparents, nothing. All the current generation of Sinclairs have are their siblings, spouses, and cousins. How depressing is that? Seems slightly like pandering for sympathy from the audience. But maybe it’s me. Then Tessa and her brother, Liam, don’t have living parents either. What?! That’s over the top. No one has parents. Just a case of the sad all the way around.

Micah Sinclair is one of the cousins to the Sinclair brothers from books 1, 2, & 3. There are three cousins who I believe get their own books. I’m not sure I’m gonna make it to the end of the series.

I keep hoping for some great piece of writing that’s going to just draw me in and I keep getting disappointed. I keep hoping for an awesome hero who doesn’t devolve into gutter language as soon as he sees the heroine. I keep getting disappointed. I keep hoping for a heroine that I’m going to point at and say I wanna be just like you when I grow up. I keep getting disappointed; that’s not to say that I’ve not liked the previous heroines. I have liked them; they’re passable, but they’re not great. But maybe they’re not supposed to be great; maybe they’re just supposed to be OK. [Read more…]

Review: The Billionaire’s Touch by JS Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

Evan Sinclair is my favorite Sinclair brother. He’s the eldest and he takes his responsibilities as head of the Sinclair family very seriously. He’s uptight. He’s got a thing for neatness. He doesn’t own a pair of jeans. He doesn’t eat junk food. Yet, he’s wonderfully imperfect in many ways and not anywhere being ready for a most massive takedown.

Miranda ‘Randi’ Taylor is not my favorite heroine in this series; that’s reserved for Sara from book 1, but she’s an excellent foil for uptight Evan. She’s a local school teacher who’s friends with the ladies from the previous books so she’s been mentioned before. If you didn’t read the prior book(s) I don’t think you’re missing anything because there’s not much interaction to get lost in.

During a random email exchange about funding for the local Community Center in Amesport between ‘S’ and ‘R’ a rocky conversation eventually evolves into a steady friendship. There’s a bit of a secret identity thing with the email but it doesn’t last long thankfully. However, I will say that Evan not telling Randi about know who she is rang false. It’s a nonsense plot point that made for a silly argument. [Read more…]

Review: The Forbidden Billionaire by JS Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

I didn’t like this, book 2, as much as the first one in ‘The Sinclair’ series. The writing felt rushed. It was little to no character development for Jared, our hero. Mara seem to get all of the good stuff but even that felt flat.

And I’m not really sure why but for some reason the vulgarity in this installment didn’t work for me; same thing happened in book 1 but I forgave it because the hero is a cop. It came off as last minute editing for shock value. I’m sure some brain trust decided to go in and take out the less vulgar curse words and drop in f*ck. It didn’t feel right. I also got the impression that they replaced ‘make love’ with ‘f*ck’. Mara did NOT seem like the f-bomb kind of girl. [Read more…]

Review: No Ordinary Billionaire by JS Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

Seeing the word Billionaire in the title of this can be an immediate turn off if you’re like me and find these books not only repetitive but boring. But don’t be like me. Give this one a chance. It’s a sweet, easy, fun and sexy story. I’ve never read this author, but I liked the idea of a cop and a physician romance.

Dante Sinclair is a police officer. He loves being a cop. He always wanted to be one and he loves everything about it. In the city of Angels, during a confrontation with a criminal, Dante’s partner Patrick gets shot and killed. Dante’s injuries are pretty extensive – he’s shot a couple of times, broken ribs, etc. But that’s not even what’s hurting his heart – he’s completely broken up about his best friend and partner dying. And to make it worse is that Patrick’s got a family. A wife and son who are the nicest people. It’s a sad case all the way around. [Read more…]