Review: Melt For You by JT Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

Joellen, a NYC-based editor, has zero self-esteem. In love for a decade with her boss at her publishing house, she can’t believe the guy would ever look at her twice, even if he’s about to get a divorce and has started hanging around her desk. She’s thirty-six and considers herself old, overweight and unattractive. Her life gets worse when her annoying new neighbor, a giant of a Scottish sportsman, plays rap music until the walls shake. Joellen has no problem giving him a piece of her mind, even if every time he answers the door, he’s half-naked (top half, silly. Where did your mind just go?)

To get him to shut up, Joellen bribes him with home-cooked meals, and for comfort-starved Cameron, this is a deal he can’t refuse. Despite Joellen’s frosty snark, they become kind of friends, and she confides in Cameron about her unrequited love. Overconfident Cameron, who’s constantly trying to get Joellen to admit she fancies him, decides he needs to teach this woman to kiss. After all, the boss is starting to pay attention, and she’s out of practice. [Read more…]

Joanna’s Favorites of 2017

With so many great and excellent reads published this year, I had a hard job settling on a short list. Some of my favourite authors have been knocking it out of the park with their releases, and I’ve made brand new finds who I’ll one-click forever.

How about you? Found a book that’s given you joy? Let me know.

Burn For You by J.T. Geissinger

Chef Bianca Hardwick goes head to head with rude, gorgeous and damaged Jackson “The Beast” Boudreaux in this tale set in the Deep South. It’s all accents, sumptuous recipes and fiery tempers, with a dollop of an arranged marriage. And I adored it. [Read more…]

Review: Burn For You by JT Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

I love a book with sass, and this tale of an unlikely arranged marriage set in the Deep South, has sass coming out of its you know where.

Bianca Hardwick runs a busy restaurant in New Orleans’ touristy French Quarter. She’s busting her backside to build her reputation and has designed a menu based on bourbon made by a Tennessee family. One busy evening a stranger walks into her restaurant. A huge man, dark, glowering, and known locally as The Beast. Jackson Boudreaux is heir to said bourbon dynasty, though he despises everything about his name. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Intentions by JT Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

This book is just so slick, it slid into my hands when I wanted to read it, and so heartfelt I didn’t let it go. The Wicked Games series is hot stuff. Alpha heroes and seriously skilled heroines abound.

In this standalone tale, Mariana is an internationally renowned thief. She’s on a tropical island in the Caribbean to steal a valuable necklace, and needs access to a hotel guest’s bedroom in order to get the job done. Easy – she just needs to seduce and dope the mark and get on her way. The problem is, she doesn’t expect the all-American blond to have quite such a devastating effect on her. [Read more…]

Review: Sin With Me by J.T. Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

This tale of love, heartache and star-crossed lovers is the third in this wonderfully angst-filled rock star series. Grace, a cool, sharp-dressed lady dates a different guy every month. Her conquests have a 30-day expiration date and she never ever lets them stay overnight. Cuddles? Affection? What are those?

Brody, a man she’s known since her friends hooked up with his friends, won’t take no for an answer. The guitarist for Bad Habit shared a closed-door moment with Grace at the end of book two (A.J. and Chloe’s story, which, incidentally, nearly killed me with the weeping I did over A.J.), and Brody wants more. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger

wicked-sexyReviewed by Joanna

You know when you start a series and love it so much you want the whole lot to be complete? I badly want to binge-read this romantic suspense set of books right here, but I made a mistake and the third book isn’t out for months. My bad. Now I have to wait. Sad face.

Tabitha is a loner, and a world-class hacker. She’s no family, few friends and no need for money, since being left a fortune by her old employer. Tabby takes legit security jobs as a way of keeping her super-speed mind occupied, and to keep the demons of her locked-down memories at bay. One day, she’s propositioned with work by a man she loves to hate – one Conner Hughes. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Beautiful by J.T. Geissinger

wicked-beautifulReviewed by Joanna

Glossy, hard-nosed, sexy – was what I expected from this author. Hilarious? Excellent cast of side characters? Added bonuses to this book of enduring love, startling hate, revenge, secret identities and unstoppable passion.

We open the novel at a conference our heroine is hosting. Wait, I’m not sure she’d like to be called the heroine. Victoria is Queen Bitch of NYC and she’s a force to be reckoned with. What does she care for heroes and heroines? Nada. [Read more…]

Review: Make Me Sin by J.T. Geissinger

make me sinReviewed by Joanna

You should never judge a book by its cover. But damn. And not only is it nice to look at, but this rock star / broken hero novel delivers. Hold on, because this is an emotional ride.

A.J., our hero, is a troubled man. The drummer of a world-famous band, he’s the hulking shadow at the back of the photoshoot, the mean and moody guy who looks like he has secrets and won’t let anyone close enough to find them out. He’s a tattooed & muscled, blond-haired death wish. And you just know his secrets are going to be bad. [Read more…]