Review: Next to You by Julia Gabriel

next to youReviewed by Shelly

Be forewarned, the heroine in this book is a millionaire and the hero is a billionaire. That’s a complete uphill battle for the author to convince me that my sympathy and/or empathy should be targeted towards either of these characters. For goodness sake, they’re both rolling in the dough; come on now we all know that money = happiness or is it?

Phlox (pronounced Floks) Miller and her best friend, Zelda Malisewski, have answered a market need; they sell beauty products. Recently, they created a new line of specialty cream that’s specific to each buyer. During some product testing while in her home kitchen Phlox accidentally blew up a pot of oil and wax and unfortunately she was in close proximity and got a face full. Over the past year, she’s undergone dozens of surgeries to repair some of the damage done to her face. The thing about plastic surgery is that when skin/bone/cartilage is needed for the repair, it’s best to be autologous as it reduces the chance of rejection. So for Phlox, she’s got scars in other places to fix the damage done to her face. [Read more…]