Review: Halfway Perfect by Julie Cross and Mark Perini

halfway perfectReviewed by Janell

This book was such a happy surprise for me! It’s about Eve, a former teen model-turned-photography student, and Alex, an up-and-coming model. It’s set in a world of fashion shoots that didn’t feel superficial or in-your-face glitzy, so the characters and dilemmas were actually believable. I couldn’t put it down.

Eve hit the big-time when she was fifteen. She modeled around the world, fell in love with her agent, and scored a big Gucci campaign. But she walked away at age sixteen. Tabloids reported all sorts lies while she hid away. She saved what was left of her money (her horrible parents spent most of it) for college. Now, at eighteen, she wants to be a photographer. She has a different name and some real skills, so she interns with a professional photographer who happens to be doing a… fashion shoot. [Read more…]

Janell’s Favorite Books of 2014

2014I spent a lot of time this year reading older books, so I hope you don’t mind some oldies at the top of my list.

heirThe Heir by Grace Burrowes (2010)

This book is a few years old, but it was new to me this year, and it has one of my favorite tropes: woman goes undercover as housekeeper. In a nice twist, the Earl of Westhaven doesn’t immediately lust after his new employee. Instead, he appreciates her competency and her baked goods. Anna performs her role well, and she only slowly develops a familiarity with her employer. Let me emphasize “slowly.” This is a long book with a slow burn, which I really enjoyed. [Read more…]

Review: Third Degree by Julie Cross

third degreeReviewed by Janell

I enjoyed this book so, so much. I’d had a stretch of not loving books for a while, and was worried that I was too jaded to really enjoy something. But then I met Izzy and Marsh, and I got all the feels, and I was in a book coma afterwards, not wanting to start anything else because it would tarnish my happy thoughts.

Izzy is an 18-year-old genius. She was home-schooled for a couple of years, then did Stanford online high school, started college at twelve, then went to medical school. She was on a Dr. Phil show about child prodigies. When the book begins, she’s finishing up her surgical internship, which is a training year between medical school and residency. [Read more…]