Review: Suddenly One Summer by Julie James

suddenly one summerReviewed by Janell

Victoria Slade is a tough, independent, self-made woman. She runs her own law firm, specializing in divorce and custody matters, she owns a townhouse, and her life is good. She knows marriage is not for her, because she sees them fall apart every day, so she’s just into casual flings. Then, sadly, she has to move out of her townhouse and temporarily settle in a condo while she tries to manage some personal issues.

Ford Dixon — and, how about that name? That name does not mess around — is an investigative journalist. He also lives across the hall. His alcoholic father just died, leaving him all kinds of emotionally confused. Because his father ran so hot and cold, Ford has chosen to never get emotionally involved with a woman. It’s a totally valid life choice. [Read more…]

Review: Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James

just the sexiest man aliveReviewed by Janell

Hey, George Clooney got married! An Oscar-winning actor, Sexiest Man Alive, serial dater got married to a lawyer! Coincidentally I just listened to this audiobook about a fictional Oscar-winning, Sexiest Man serial dater who falls in love with a lawyer. Does this fictional man get married? If you don’t know the answer to that, then you fail at Romance Reading 101. This book was published in 2008, I wonder if George read it and had been searching for a lawyer to love ever since? [Read more…]

Review: Love Irresistibly

Reviewed by Allison

Julie James’ fourth installment of the FBI/US Attorney series was a lot of fun to read! I’ve read this series since the beginning and was so excited to get the chance to read an ARC of Love Irresistibly – plus, what a cover! Does it leave anyone else with a sincere urge to run out & find that sexy red dress?!

Ms. James reintroduces us to AUSA, Cade Morgan. We first met Cade in About That Night when he was the representative of the State against the hero, Kyle Rhodes (aka, the Twitter Terrorist). Now, he’s back with a vengeance working with the FBI trying to take down some big names in politics. In his most recent case, he’s looking to get audio and visual proof of bribery but needs an in at the restaurant where the men in question are meeting. Enter, Brooke Parker. As general counsel for the high end restaurant company, Cade can’t make any moves without her help. Luckily, she’s willing to play ball.

Although the love story was a bit slow moving between the two, I did enjoy the other aspects of the characters’ lines from a surprise half brother to a big career decision and both of them learning what really are priorities in life. Work/life balance is something (now that I’ve joined the corporate world) I was truly able to relate to. The struggle between having the career you’ve always wanted and making time for the family and friends that will always be more important than money is definitely a real topic and was explored well.

Although there were times I wanted to knock their heads together and tell them to get over their baggage and trust each other, I’m glad they took the time they did. I felt justified in the end and was that much happier to see them together. Plus, we got a mini update on previous couples!

This is definitely a favorite contemporary series and this chapter keeps with the tradition of quality characters and a swoonworthy romance. Highly recommended, ladies!

Grade: B

*ARC Provided by Berkley

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Love Irresistibly
by Julie James
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Publisher: Berkley