Review: Game for Marriage

Reviewed by Shelly

This was my second Erickson book and I can officially say that I’m now a confirmed fan of her work. This was a fun read that went by very quickly.

Although Sheridan Harper owns an artist studio in Carmel-by-the-Sea, it doesn’t mean that she’s by any means well to do. In fact, after inheriting the studio from her grandmother a year earlier, she’s hurting for money. One day while she’s at a local market doing some work that will hopefully generate business, Sheridan meets ‘superstar’ Jared Quinn, the starting QB for the San Jose Hawks. Jared has a bit of a playboy reputation in the gossip magazines and the only way that the new team owner wants to fix it is by having Jared marry – hmmm…it’s the new version of pay for play.

I really liked Sheridan. When she meets Jared, she’s a bit star struck, but then again ,who wouldn’t be with all that manliness right in your face? With the help of her best friend Willow’s cotton candy martini – doesn’t that just sound yummy? – Sheridan ends up handling her business very well. Even though I’m not a big fan of the sex on the first date kind of girl, I didn’t think she went over the slut-o-meter too much. (Hey, I’m not judgin’.)

I was actually surprised that I liked Jared as a person and not just as an object of Sheridan’s lust. He had hopes, dreams, and friends that he cared about – just a regular nice guy who happens to have a ton of money and good looks including that body – sigh. I gotta say this: thank you Erickson for not going on and on (and on and on) about his looks, nothing pisses me off more than that.

Together Sheridan and Jared were a fun couple. There are a lot of outside of the bedroom scenes, so we do get to see them falling in love, which I completely enjoyed. There’s a baking scene that just made me laugh out loud because we’ve all been there. Don’t fret, there are still enough in the bedroom scenes to make it all worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series; hoping it’s going to be about Sheridan’s best friend Willow and a certain TE.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B  

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Game for Marriage
by Karen Erickson
Release Date: January 11, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

Review: A Scandalous Affair

Reviewed by Jen

Daphne is a widow, enjoying the freedom that her new life has to offer, when at a masquerade ball, a man catches her eye.  She boldly asks him to dance, not even knowing who he is.  She is so taken with him, she makes it her mission to figure out his identity in order to pursue more time in his company.

Camden is a man who is very shy and works to hide his terrible stutter from the ton. He can’t believe that Daphne is interested in him and he is quite enamored of her as well.  But just because the attraction is there, doesn’t mean the shyness completely goes away. Daphne must be bold and relentless in order to get them where they both want to be.

I like heroes with problems.  I enjoy watching them learn their own value through the eyes of their heroine and this does, indeed, happen here.  The romance is sweet and I was satisfied with the sexy time. My only concern is that Camden’s stutter makes very little of an appearance in the book.  He says his comfort with Daphne makes it easier to speak, but that was tough for me to buy, especially since he was so crazy about her.  I think I would have like to see him struggle more with the stutter on page and in front of Daphne to give it more impact.  I also thought the love happened kind of fast.

But I enjoyed it for the most part. I like Karen Erickson’s writing and I like the premise of the Merry Widows books.  It’s cool to have Historical Romance heroines who are not virgins and who are willing to reach and grab what they want.

Rating: B-

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A Scandalous Affair
by Karen Erickson
Release Date: July 30, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

Review: Her Christmas Pleasure

Reviewed by Jen

I’ll warn you right off the bat, this novella is short; it’s not even 70 pages. But it’s a sexy and satisfying read in that small package.

Celia is the widow of Damien’s best friend. He made a vow to her husband before he died to take care of her. But he never expected to fall in love with her. Damien is the son of servants… not nearly good enough, he believes, for a lady like Celia. So after years of loving her in silence, he makes plans to move away.

Celia has come to care deeply for Damien, but only recently has desire come into the picture. And once they share a kiss under the mistletoe, she can’t deny her feelings any longer. But is too late for them? And can she convince him that he is more than enough to make her happy?

OK, we already know the answers, but I still enjoyed the ride. I’m always a sucker for a hero convinced he’s not good enough for the heroine. Oooh –and did I mention the hot sex?? Good stuff. The story might have been even stronger if it were longer, but as it is, I liked it well enough. Almost 4 stars.

Note: This book is the 2nd in Karen Erickson’s Merry Widows series, but the two novellas are completely unrelated.

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Her Christmas Pleasure
by Karen Erickson
Release Date: November 28, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press

Review: Lessons in Indiscretion

Reviewed by Jen

Lessons In Indiscretion is a hot little historical short story.  It features Lady Julia, a widow who wants to have an affair with a younger man.  Garrett is happy to indulge her desires.  The two become lovers, and Garrett helps Julia come out of her shell, both sexually and emotionally.  Julia doesn’t think the two of them can have any kind of future, since she is 5 years his senior. But their passion transcends their reservations.

The story is only about 54 pages, which will keep you from getting too emotionally invested in the characters. But it was a fun, sexy romp with a happy ending.  I enjoyed it. Almost 4 stars.
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Lessons in Indiscretion
by Karen Erikson
Release Date: June 20, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press