Review: Three Nights Before Christmas by Kat Latham

three nights before christmasReviewed by Janell

I’m a fan of Kat Latham’s rugby series, and this Christmas novella is loosely related to it. The heroine of a prior book is the sister of this hero. But this book takes place in Montana, and there’s nary a rugby player to be seen. Basically, this can be a total standalone.

Lacey is just getting out of prison (my first ex-con heroine!). She spent three years behind bars because her boyfriend used her — and her job as a train engineer — to transport drugs. She’s learned a few lessons in prison, and now she looks forward to private bathrooms, hot coffee, and no more strip searches. She moves in with her brother on the family Christmas tree farm. [Read more…]

Review: Taming the Legend by Kat Latham

taming the legendReviewed by Janell

I don’t care for reunited lovers stories, especially when those lovers were teenagers when they met. So I started this book thinking, “ugh,” but it wasn’t long before I was thinking, “Kat Latham, I’m sorry I doubted you, I love you forever.” Seriously, every book in this series (Knowing the Score, Playing it Close, Tempting the Player) has been fun, emotional, and sexy, plus the heroines always kick ass. [Read more…]

Janell’s Favorite Books of 2014

2014I spent a lot of time this year reading older books, so I hope you don’t mind some oldies at the top of my list.

heirThe Heir by Grace Burrowes (2010)

This book is a few years old, but it was new to me this year, and it has one of my favorite tropes: woman goes undercover as housekeeper. In a nice twist, the Earl of Westhaven doesn’t immediately lust after his new employee. Instead, he appreciates her competency and her baked goods. Anna performs her role well, and she only slowly develops a familiarity with her employer. Let me emphasize “slowly.” This is a long book with a slow burn, which I really enjoyed. [Read more…]

Review: Tempting the Player by Kat Latham

tempting the playerReviewed by Janell

I am such a sucker for Kat Latham’s rugby books. Here’s how much: I don’t even like the friends-to-lovers trope, but I read this installment anyway because she makes her characters so interesting and believable.

Matt is on the London Legends team, but he’s not a starter, and he hasn’t had any good playing moments since he joined the team five years ago. He’s haunted by the taunts of his father and his ex-wife, believing that he’s not really good at anything and that he always chokes under pressure. In addition to that, he’s terrified of flying, which makes nearly every away game an emotional struggle that he barely survives. [Read more…]

Review: Playing it Close by Kat Latham

playing it closeReview by Janell

This is the second book in Kat Latham’s series about the London Legends, a rugby team with sexy, funny players. The first book, Knowing the Score, was surprisingly fun, so I was anxious to read the next one.

Tess has been at the center of a scandal for the past year. She was one of the few women who worked in London’s financial district and witnessed (and was the subject of) almost daily sexual harassment. She wrote an anonymous blog, parts of which are quoted in the novel, and the situations were extremely coarse. When she sued for wrongful termination after sleeping with her boss, everything hit the metaphorical fan. She was outed as the blog writer and had to testify at an legal inquiry. She is frankly fed up with anyone having any opinion about her body (thin) and her boobs (small enough to earn her the nickname “Titless Tess”). [Read more…]

Review: Knowing the Score

knowing the scoreReviewed by Janell

Spencer plays rugby for England, and ever since an incident when he was 19, he’s been celibate during the season, only allowing himself to have fun during the summer. His grandfather, who raised him, just had a heart attack, and Spencer finds himself wanting a more meaningful fling during the two months he has off.

Caitlyn is a disaster aid worker, an American on a work visa in London, who happened to give Spencer’s grandfather CPR and save his life. She had a bad childhood that led to issues with men, so she finds herself a virgin at age 27, wishing she could do something about it.

You see where this is going, right? But you can’t appreciate how they get there, because it’s not a quick “let’s have a superficial hookup for a while, oh wait now we’re in love.” In a way it is, but because of Caitlyn’s issues they have to take things very slowly, and these crazy kids are falling for each other before they’ve barely managed to kiss.
[Read more…]