Review: Mogul by Katy Evans

Reviewed by Debz

This book started with a bang, like bam, they’re in there and I’m not used to that. I normally prefer a normal and slightly cringe-worthy meet cute and I was a little surprised and flustered at the fast pace the protagonists jumped into sex. LOL. But this is just me; I’m sure other people loved it.

I want to say that there is something about Katy Evans and her books that I love. The premise could be the simplest love story, with no weird extra suspense side plot and I’m still satisfied with the outcome. This book is one of such for me.

Sara Davies is a concierge at the Four Seasons and an aspiring Broadway actress. On her way back from the airport, she shares a cab with a strange man and they get to talking. Sparks fly. I mean they sizzle off the page and Sara and her man get into it. Turns out he’s staying at her hotel, and he calls down to the concierge desk to request a quicky. Like I said, BAM!!! [Read more…]