Review: Four Weddings and A Fiasco: The Wedding Date by Katy Regnery

four weddingsReviewed by Shelly

This novella by Kate Regnery is my first from her and I certainly didn’t expect to get weepy over a short story. Yet again, I’m surprised when I read a novella, the land of the quick, down and dirty, and get a decent storyline. Now that doesn’t mean I wasn’t clamoring for one because I really was. This is part of Amazon’s Kindle world where authors are picking up from other authors stories. This particular series is about the ‘Four Weddings and A Fiasco series by Lucy Kevin ’ at the Rose Chalet – I can’t tell you anything of value about that series because I’ve not read any of them but I can tell you that you can read this as a stand-alone because I did and enjoyed it tremendously. [Read more…]

Review: By Proxy

by proxyReviewed by Janell

In Montana, people who can’t physically be present for their wedding can appoint proxies to take vows for them. In this book, the lovebirds are in the military, stationed apart from each other, and they want to get married ASAP because the woman is pregnant and they want to be somewhat traditional. Enter the bride’s best friend, Jenny, and the groom’s cousin, Sam, to take care of things.

Jenny is a small town science teacher who goes to church and doesn’t drink. She’s close to her three brothers, she has a new puppy, and she is beloved by the town. Sam is from Chicago, and he’s a rich investment banker who schmoozes clients at fancy parties and dates sexy, shallow women. Their first impressions of each other are just that superficial. [Read more…]