Review: Singed

singedReviewed by Carrie

I recently reviewed the first book in this series, Ignited, and Kaylea Cross does not disappoint with the second installment.  I think these books work better read in sequence because there is a longer story arc at play here, but it absolutely can be read as a stand alone.

Claire Tierney’s life is a mess.  Six months ago she left her boyfriend because she couldn’t deal with his job as a Special Forces officer after living in fear of losing her father and brother, both former Green Berets. She’s struggling with the delicate balancing act of trying to help her brother deal with the after effects of his tours in Afghanistan, including severe PTSD. [Read more…]

Review: Ignited

ignitedReviewed by Carrie

Whew!!  I just finished this book and sat down to write the review and my heart is still pumping from the last quarter of the book!  If you like your romantic suspense heavy on the suspense, then this is the book for you!

Working as security contractors, Hunter Phillips and Scottie Easton were protecting diplomats when they were overcome in a Benghazi-like attack and Hunter’s best friend and ex-SEAL teammate paid the ultimate price.  Although still grieving, Hunter agrees to head up the Titanium security team for Khalia Patterson’s trip to Pakistan in support of her educational foundation for girls.

Khalia  knows Pakistan is a long way from her life as a high school math teacher but she is bound and determined to continue the work her father began and ultimately died for.  When Hunter helps her to barely escape a double suicide bomb, reality begins open her eyes.   The Taliban-led terrorist cell that murdered her father wants to shut down the school for girls her foundation is opening and take her out in the process.  Each step she takes closer to her endgame become more dangerous and more secrets are revealed.

As I stated before, this is book is heavy on the suspense.  The romance takes a back seat as it appeared to be born of two people in mortal danger who just sought each other out in a life affirming way.  There is a slow burn attraction, but after the hits (literally) keep coming, the insta-love is understandable even if it’s a little eye rolling.

The plot is very fast paced and exciting.  There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing but not overwhelmed.   Although the “mystery” was solved, there seems to be a larger story arc for the series and I am intrigued. What I absolutely have to give the author proper due for is her research and attention to detail.  Very few military romantic suspense authors do due diligence when writing about SpecOps characters.  It really pulls the reader into the story and this history nerd appreciates it immensely.

The secondary characters were mainly in the back seat here, except for Hunter’s second in-command, Gage and his former girlfriend, Claire who he is still pining for.  Second chance romance for the win in the next book!  Sign me up!

Grade: B+

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by Kaylea Cross
Release Date: June 15, 2013

Review: Darkest Caress

Reviewed by Jen

Liv never dreamed she was about to meet the man she would spend the rest of her life with while trying to sell a waterfront mansion. But that is exactly what happens. Daegan shows up to look at the property and right away, the heat sizzles between them. Liv recognizes the sexual attraction, but has no way of knowing that it so much more –that she had just met her mate.

Daegan is more than human. As an “Empowered,” he is destined to fight a malevolent force known as the Obsidian Lord and his Dark Army, in a battle for the future of the human race. An ancient prophecy foretold the battle centuries ago. It also promised mates for Daegan and the other two Empowered men he leads, Cade and Vaughn.

As much as he wants Liv, Daegan realizes she has no idea what he is or that she is special too. He wants to give her time to ease into his world and he wants to give her the choice about whether to bond with him. But every day that they wait is an exercise in torture. They become so sexually charged, their bodies can barely function for their want of each other.

The sexual tension is very good. In fact, I found myself growing agitated, waiting for these two to seal the deal. While I appreciated Daegan’s good intentions, his martyr-like behavior got on my nerves a bit. Their mating was not something either of them could control and by trying to do so, he made everyone even more miserable. I thought Liv took all of the revelations really well… almost too well for someone who had no clue such a supernatural world existed. But she was likable and the two of them were likable together.

Throughout the story, the Obsidian Lord is working to find Daegan and crush the Empowered. We have several scenes in his POV, which I did not enjoy at all. I don’t mind changing POVs as much as some readers do, but I wish we would have stuck more with Liv and Daegan. While I didn’t love the scenes from Cade and his future woman, I could deal with them since I knew we were setting the stage for their story. Every time we got into the villain scenes, however, I had to fight the urge to skim ahead and get back to our couple.

Things developed very fast in the romance department. But I am always more forgiving of this in destined-mate stories. And I appreciate that the factor was acknowledged. The sex was superhot; and there was a healthy dash of action thrown in at the end.

I thought the supporting cast was interesting. The pieces are all in place for Cade’s story. But it’s Vaughn who I really want to know about. I love a good scarred and tortured hero. I guess I’m just going to have to wait for that one. 3 1/2 stars.

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Darkest Caress
by Kaylea Cross
Release Date: April 23, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press