Review: Dancing in the Rain by Kelly Jamieson

Reviewed by Shelly

This isn’t my first novel by this author and while I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve read by Kelly Jamieson, this wasn’t one. I read a story some months back whose premise was the heroine was the sister of someone who the hero had previously slept with. I felt icky about that – there’s just something that isn’t okay and feels like a tawdry Lifetime movie. Tell me if I’m wrong here but isn’t there’s a bigger pool of people out there to find in a main character other than the same family pool? I read this one hoping that Jamieson would be able to take the ick factor away and everything would be la la wonderful for this couple. [Read more…]

Review: Icing by Kelly Jamieson

icingReviewed by Shelly

You know when you start reading something that you’re not really sure what direction it’s going to go? That’s the way I felt about this. Some of the more recent contemporary stories have disappointed me so greatly, I find myself cringing more often than not.

While I’ve not read the first story in Kelly Jamieson’s ‘Aces Hockey’ series, I have read a few other works by the same author and that’s 100% why I decided to read this – the author. I’m not a big fan of hockey, but I like sports, and any romance that can smartly incorporate a sport into its plot is a-okay with me. That was the case here, there were actual sport events (with play by play description) that Jamieson managed to work in and make interesting. [Read more…]

Review: Her Stand-In Boyfriend by Kelly Jamieson

her stand in boyfriendReviewed by Shelly

I’ve enjoyed this author’s writing in the past. I read the first two in Kelly Jamieson’s ‘Rule of Three’ series and it’s only because of my enjoyment with that writing that I decided to give this one a go. But there’s something about this one that just didn’t do anything for me. If anything, the heroine aggravated me to no end. [Read more…]

Review: Rhythm of Three

rhythm of threeReviewed by Shelly

This is the novella follow up to Jamieson’s Rule of Three which I completely enjoyed. We’re reintroduced to Kassidy, Dag and Chris who are now living as a triad with all the ups and downs of what the after part of HEA looks like. Now this might sound selfish, petty, whiny (pick one, any one) but I wanted more. Now, I don’t like to be spoon fed, but it’s rare that I get multiple books in a series about the same characters and I was eagerly looking forward to this. [Read more…]

Review: Rule of Three

rule of threeReviewed by Shelly

Since I started reviewing books for Red Hot Books, I’ve come to appreciate new to me authors. This is one such author. This isn’t Jamieson’s first story but it’s the first one that I’ve read and I was impressed with the style of writing, especially the way the dialogue kept the pacing quick with its many ups and downs. Who cries while they’re reading an m/m/f?  Me, that’s who. This story ended way too soon for my taste but unlike with many other menage stories, I did some stalking sleuthing and found out that the second story with the same characters will be available in October. I wouldn’t complain, not one bit, if that date got moved up.

If you read the book blurb for this story you might think that this story is just about sex. [Read more…]