Review: Buried Bones

Reviewed by Jen

I really enjoyed Good Bones and had no idea a sequel was in the works… so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about this book.  It picks up where the last story left off, following the relationship between neighbors Chris and Dylan.  The feel stays very true to the first book, though the men have new challenges to face.

Chris has come to terms very well with finding out Dylan is a werewolf and accepts his lover as he is.  Dylan has concerns about Chris’ safety around him in his other form, but we learn quickly that is really not what they have to be worried about.  It seems there is a ghost haunting Dylan’s house.   The guys have to figure out who the specter is and what he wants while they try to put their relationship on more permanent ground.

In the meantime, both guys have some issues they have to work on within themselves.  Chris has to come to terms with his difficult childhood and the father who abandoned him. Dylan has to figure out how being a werewolf fits in his life –and whether he can share his secret with others.  This, as he struggles with a big new project at his architectural firm.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a ghost coming in to the story. Yes, these books are supernatural in nature. But Good Bones was much, much less a werewolf story than a love story.  The wolf thing played a part, but it was secondary to what was happening between Dylan and Chris emotionally.  The supernatural does have a bigger role here, but I am happy to say that at the heart, Buried Bones is a relationship story too.

Things between Dylan and Chris are still pretty new.  Both guys have some insecurities about their future and how to ensure they stay together.  Chris is still the more vulnerable of the two, but I found that it presented itself a little differently in this installment. He was so sure he wasn’t good enough before; that he was unworthy of Dylan.  Now, I think he is more emotionally invested. He has opened his heart and allowed himself to believe that Dylan loves him.  But instead of the heartbreaking statements he made in the past, now he makes a jab or a dig about it; his words are less desolate and more barbed.  I feel like he still doesn’t see the worth in himself that Dylan sees, but he is moving away from being the wounded bird we first met.  He is trying to stand up for himself, instead of offering to take anything Dylan will give him.

I enjoyed watching these two move their relationship to a deeper level.  And Lord knows, the sex is hot. But with Chris’ growth in the relationship, I didn’t have the same gut-punched feeling that made me want to jump in the last book and give him a hug. It is a good journey, though.  I’m glad I got a chance to revisit these characters and see them take things to the next level.

Rating: B

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Buried Bones
by Kim Fielding
Release Date: May 21, 2013
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Review: Good Bones

Reviewed by Jen

I’ve got to be honest. I’m always a little wary of an illustrated cover.  But I’m so glad the blurb convinced me to give this book a try, because I ended up really enjoying it.

Dylan is a gay architect who has essentially given up on love ever since he was turned into a werewolf.  He’s afraid of putting anyone at risk.  And not just a potential boyfriend.  It’s been getting harder and harder to lock himself up during the full moon while living in the city.  So he decides to buy a rural old home and renovate the place to live as secluded a life as possible.

He has one neighbor, a sexy country-boy named Chris.  He becomes Dylan’s love interest and there is so much more to him than meets the eye.  Dylan hires him to help out with fixing up the house and from there, it’s all about watching the evolution of their relationship.  At first, they are prickly and unsure. Then friends.  Then more.

While Dylan is the main character, it’s Chris who is the heart of this book.  Neither man considers himself worthy of love, but it’s Chris who made me so invested.  Chris, whose feelings I wanted to protect.  He starts out with all these defense mechanisms, but we see them all crumble as he falls head over heels with Dylan.  He doesn’t believe in his own worth.  Chris knows Dylan is hiding something, and fears rejection at every turn.  It really pulled on my heartstrings.

“You don’t trust me… Can’t break up you ain’t really together,” Chris answered.

Finally he turned to face Dylan. He looked sad, pitying maybe, but not angry.  “I’m still going to do this Dylan. Still gonna work for you and cook for you, and we can still fuck, because I’m willin’ to make do with that little. It’s more’n I’ve had before, anyway.  And maybe it’s for the best, ’cause then you won’t break my fuckin’ heart when you leave.”

I kept waiting with my heart in my throat, in fear that poor Chris would get hurt, whether it would be because of Dylan’s fears, or his secret, or the shady ex-boyfriend who is a threat on multiple levels.

The sex is good. I cared about the characters. I loved watching them come together.  There was action and romance and a surprising amount of heart.  I liked it a lot.

Rating: B+

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Good Bones
by Kim Fielding
Release Date: April 20, 2012
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press