Review: Slow and Steady Rush by Laura Trentham

slow steady rushReviewed by Carrie

I’ve been on a sports romance book kick lately and saw this book up for review. The blurb hooked me – football, small town and hot ex-soldier.   Set in a small southern town, it has a very Friday Night Lights vibe to it.

Darcy Wilde loves her life as a librarian in Atlanta. She loves just being another person in a big city – so different from how she grew up.  Darcy is forced to confront her past when her grandmother falls ill and she must return to her hometown of Falcon.  Darcy’s goal is to get in, set her grandmother back to rights and get out of dodge as quick as she can.  She might feel slightly guilty about her reluctance to come home, but it’s not about the woman who raised Darcy and her cousin, Logan.  It’s more about wanting to escape the sins of the mother that are visited upon the daughter and the very long memory of small towns. [Read more…]