Review: His Royal Favorite by Lilah Pace

his royal favoriteReview by Janell

This is the conclusion to His Royal Secret, which came out a few months ago. This review will contain some spoilers for the first book, because plot progression, so if you’re interested at all in the tale of a gay Prince of Wales, go read the other book first! Or not, I can’t force you!

The first book ended with James deciding to come out to the country, and Ben deciding to come out as James’s partner. This book begins right after, with James working with his magical assistant Kimberly to create the perfect speech. Ben has strategy meetings of his own, and it’s decided to have Ben move in with James for a while, so that he can benefit from the privacy and security. [Read more…]

Review: His Royal Secret by Lilah Pace

his royal secretReviewed by Janell

What if the Prince of Wales were gay? In this imaginary reality, the king is old, and James, his grandson, is heir to the throne because his father died in a plane crash. James is twenty-nine, and he’s been fake-dating his friend Cassandra for years. Cassandra is a saint, because she occasionally dates other men for real, then gets caught and slayed by the press, but she sticks by James.

Ben is a reporter currently stationed in South Africa. He doesn’t like commitment — not to a man, not to a city, not to furniture. He gets an assignment to cover a royal visit to a remote lodge in Kenya. During a rainstorm, Ben opens his private bungalow to a stranger with a broken umbrella who turns out to be the very prince he’s meant to write about. Over a tense game of chess (aren’t all chess games in novels tense?), secrets are revealed. At the end, Ben makes his move, and James allows it. Cue bungalow sex. [Read more…]