Review: Kissing the Boss by Linda Kage

Reviewed by Shelly

Book 2 of Linda Kage’s ‘Fairy Tale Quartet’ is Isobel’s brother’s story. Ezra Nash has been the co-CEO at JFI for a year. He was brought in after his father’s (Henry) company bought in. During his time at JFI his nemesis and co-CEO, aka the devil incarnate, Lana has made his life hell. Kaitlynn Judge is Lana’s stepdaughter who for the last six months has been an unpaid intern at JFI. Lana is clearly not treating Kaitlynn well, but Kaitlynn not only agreed to the conditions, she’s the one who suggested the pay scale. Kaitlynn has a long term plan and other than the devil’s spawn standing in her way, she’s got it covered. Kinda. [Read more…]

Review: Monster Among the Roses by Linda Kage

Reviewed by Shelly

Shaw Hollander and Isobel Nash are a fairy tale made for a happily ever after. I’ve been a fan of Linda Kage for a while now. She’s one of a handful of authors from whom I’ll read YA/NA stories from. Her ‘Forbidden Men’ series is quite good. But I’ll admit that A Fallow Heart is one of my favorite stories – ever.

Told from the hero’s POV, Monster Among the Roses was a refreshing change from the everyday retelling of the Beauty and the Beast tale. It’s actually a whole lot better than the recent movie with the same name that I couldn’t even get 1/2 way through. Shaw and Isobel are imperfect but they’re perfect for each other. Kage makes you believe that even with all of their faults – from the physical to the emotional – these two couldn’t find this level of happiness with anyone else. [Read more…]

Shelly’s Favorites of 2017

This year started off well but fizzled out. BUT this was the year I discovered audio books. Yeah, ME!

I’ve been a fan of Beverly Jenkins for years. Too many to count. Forbidden (Old West, 1) is a historical with some slight reference to Jenkins’s Through the Storm which is part of ‘The LeVeq Family’ series. I thought this story read great as a standalone. It was wonderfully captivating and touched on the topic of ‘passing’ told from an emotional perspective. [Read more…]

Review: Addicted to Ansley by Linda Kage

Reviewed by Shelly

There’s very little that I don’t like from this author. The hits still outweigh the misses by a long shot. This is a very simple but tragic story nonetheless. It’s the tale of a young couple; the boy is 18 and the girl is 15 when they initially meet. He’s a bad boy through and through, but he’s able to hide the criminal elements of his personality for the small windows of time that he’s with the most beautiful girl in the world. [Read more…]

Review: Delinquent Daddy by Linda Kage

delinquent-daddyReviewed by Shelly

Elora Trent is in for the surprise of her life. So too is Boston Kincaid. Elora’s daughter Cassidy has written a nice little note to Boston’s brother, Montgomery, asking a very simple question – are you my Dad?

I’m a fan of Linda Kage’s work; I’ve read a few NA and contemporary stories (the ‘Tommy Creek ‘ series is my fav) from her that I’ve throughly enjoyed. This is one of those stories where I wasn’t disappointed by the heroine in the ‘hero wasn’t aware of child’ trope. [Read more…]

Review: Kiss It Better by Linda Kage

kiss it betterReviewed by Shelly

I’m a big fan of this author’s work, I think her ‘Forbidden Men’ series is brilliant – she’s the first author who steered me into reading the YA category. It’s with that faith that I read Kiss It Better.

While at work one day, Reed Walker gets a call that changes his life. His sister, Danni’s been the victim of an assault. He knows it’s bad, but he doesn’t understand how bad it really is nor how bad it’s going to get. Rushing to his sister’s side starts a chain of events that will forever change him – for the better. [Read more…]

Review: A Perfect Ten by Linda Kage

perfect tenReviewed by Shelly

It took me a couple days to get my thoughts on paper because I just couldn’t write this review directly after reading Ten and Caroline’s story. I was in a dilemma; I couldn’t decide how much I liked the story versus how much I should like the story. I say that because this genre is not one of my usual ones and reading the story reminds me that I’m still a bit of a prude when it comes to teenagers and sex. The thing is, though – Linda Kage’s writing style is such that she captures my attention even with a topic outside of my norm. [Read more…]

Review: With Every Heartbeat by Linda Kage

with every heartbeatReviewed by Shelly

If you’ve not read any of the other installments in the Forbidden Men series, I think you’re missing out. Even if you’re not a big fan or not a fan at all of the ‘new adult’ category you’ll like this because it is romance, plain and simple. Continuing in the world of the college students who work at the Forbidden bar, shy quiet Quinn Hamilton finally gets his chance at true love. I will give you warning that if you read this book as a standalone, there are going to be moments when your frustration level will rise because these stories have overlapping characters who remain in each other’s lives. [Read more…]

Review: Be My Hero by Linda Kage

be my heroReviewed by Shelly

The continuation of Linda Kage’s Forbidden Men series is focused on one of my favorite characters, Patrick ‘Pick’ Jason Ryan from Book 2 (To Professor With Love.) If you’ve read any of my reviews for Kage’s work you’ll know that I’m a fan of her writing and I’ve not been disappointed in anything that I’ve read so far. Now that being said – this story was no different for me. I suspected as much when I started tearing up by chapter 3, I was already sucked in and all I could do was hold on for the balance of the ride. [Read more…]

Review: Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage

price of a kissReviewed by Shelly

I’m a big fan of Linda Kage’s work but I’ve stayed away from the YA/NA categories in the past because the age just seems a bit young for me especially with what I perceive the content to be. After reading this story, I’m thrilled that this is one of those times when I’m, yet again, glad to be wrong. Reese Randall has just moved to the area and is a freshman at the local college where Mason Lowe also attends. After legally changing her name and moving across the country to get away from her stalker/abuser/ex-boyfriend Jeremy, Reese feels that she’s in a safe place living above the garage of her aunt and uncle. Her cousin, Eva, who also attends the same college tells Reese that not only is ‘Hotness’ Mason out of her league – he’s also a gigolo. [Read more…]