Review: Aaron’s Honor by Lindsay Cross

aarons honorReviewed by Joanna

This is book 8 of the Men of Mercy series of quick reads. I picked up the last, Ethan’s Promise, at random and enjoyed it, but if I hadn’t read that one, I think I’d have been somewhat lost.

In Aaron’s book, we pick up after a wedding that went wrong. Celine, a beautician, and Caroline, senator’s daughter and bride to be, were kidnapped and taken abroad. Aaron’s crew had been at the wedding as security and clearly managed to do a bad job. [Read more…]

Review: Ethan’s Promise: Men of Mercy by Lindsay Cross

ethans promiseReviewed by Joanna

Unloved loner military man falls for intelligence specialist on a protection mission? Yes, please. Ethan has to train Kate for field work including all sorts of physical combat. She wants to learn, but she can’t work out where all these feelings are coming from every time they get up close and personal. Sexy feelings. Mmm.

Ethan’s black ops and his team is about to deploy, but disaster strikes (from Ethan’s PoV) when he’s told he can’t go with his men. He needs to take some R&R and his boss won’t take no for an answer.

To relax, our hero takes a job with a private security firm, providing protection for a senator’s daughter on her wedding day. For story reasons, the security firm also hires a female bodyguard for the job. Enter Kate. Kate’s been shafted by her job with the CIA and aside from the fact she’s not a field operative, she’s perfect for the role. [Read more…]

Review: Ravaged River by Lindsay Cross

ravaged riverReviewed by Jen

I knew going into this book that I was jumping into a series in progress, but I am such a fan of tortured heroes that I couldn’t pass up one as clearly messed up as Hoyt. I figured I could just wing it with the characters I didn’t know –and really, I could. The problem was, the hero and heroine had a pre-existing relationship. I could follow the story, yes, and I could appreciate Hoyt’s misery. But I lacked the emotional component of knowing these two as a couple before That Very Bad Thing tore them apart. [Read more…]