Carrie’s Favorite Books of 2015

To be honest, this year was a difficult one, both personally and reading-wise.  I found it harder to connect to characters and had little patience for plots to roll out. Thankfully, this year is ending on a high note and I very much look forward to 2016!  Listed are a few of my favorite books this year…. [Read more…]

Review: True Devotion by Liora Blake

true northReviewed by Carrie

I was so excited to read this book after loving the first book in the series, True North.  While there were some minor issues, I really enjoyed the book and this author’s writing.

Devon Jenkins has a pretty sweet life right now, courtesy of her rockstar brother, Trevor.  It’s a far cry away from the way they grew up in the ghetto, but she still can’t shake the lessons learned there. In the ghetto, you learn to keep everyone at arm’s length because you never know their agenda or what they want from you. [Read more…]

Review: True North by Liora Blake

true northReviewed by Carrie

I found this book through my favorite book recommendation source – Twitter.  This is the first book I’ve read by Liora Blake and it most certainly will not be the last. She manages to breathe some fresh air into a contemporary rocker romance to give readers a tender, sweet and sexy read.

Three years ago, Kate Mosley lost her beloved husband in a car accident.  Yet, out of grief came a book which went on to become a best seller.  Kate didn’t mind so much the whirlwind book tour that her agent sent her out on, but now he wants to set up television interviews.  Kate has come to rely on the stability of her quiet life in rural Montana and is leery knowing full well Hollywood will want to talk about her husband’s death.  Begrudgingly, Kate accepts and suddenly finds herself on a late night talk show trading quips with a sexy rock star.  Though she is very flattered, she figures “Trax” was just flirting for the cameras and quickly dismisses him from her mind. [Read more…]