Review: The Demon’s Deception

demons deceptionReviewed by Shelly

I read the stories in this series back to back and it made for one heck of a ride. For a novella, Adler got a big bang out of so few words. This is my absolute favorite story in the series. It’s always good to see the other side of the conflict, and with Demons taking up space on the first three stories, it’s only fair that it’s time for the Fae to have their say.

Full of secrets, Barbas – the Demon of Healing, will give and do most anything to keep them. But there comes a time when he decides that his secrets can no longer bind him. [Read more…]

Review: Demons Unleashed (Books 1 – 3)

demon's bargainReviewed by Shelly

These novellas are very quick reads, some I liked, some I didn’t. I read the first three in the series in an anthology format and I’ll review them accordingly, all at once.

Book 1 – The Demon’s Bargain

The first book, The Demon’s Bargain, was a fun read. I’ve read Adler before and I do enjoy her writing style and this first in the series was no different. The premise of this entire series is about a post-apocalyptic world where Demons and Faes battle it out for supremacy over each other and humans. [Read more…]

Series Reading Order: Demons Unleashed by Lisa Alder

This is the reading order for the Demons Unleashed series by Lisa Alder: