Review: Hunter’s Moon

hunters moonReviewed by Jen

This is the second installment in Lisa Kessler’s Moon series. It could hold up as a standalone, though reading Moonlight will give you a better idea of the backstory between the hero and the heroine.  Back in book one, Sasha did some serious damage to Aren’s pack. She was working for the evil Nero organization. She ruined Aren’s ankle and was at least partly responsible for the death of his father.  That doesn’t exactly scream mate-material. But that doesn’t change fate.  She is Aren’s intended.

For what it’s worth, Sasha isn’t a bad person. She was turned into a jaguar shifter against her will. She was only working for Nero because they promised her a cure.  But the promises were lies.  Sasha knows that now, all too well.  Nero wants her dead and they keep sending assassins to kill her. [Read more…]

Review: Moonlight

moonlightReviewed by Jen

Despite his father’s urgings, Adam never really believed a mate was in his future.  He certainly never imagined she would be a jaguar.  After all, they’re the natural enemies of the werewolves.  But unexpected or not, a jaguar is exactly what fate has in mind for him.  Adam is actually hunting rogue jaguars in his town when he stumbles onto Lana for the first time.  He is amazed to discover that she doesn’t even know what she is; and he is even more shocked to realize that she is the woman destined to be his. [Read more…]

Review: Night Demon

Reviewed by Jen

Lukas wants nothing more than to end his immortal existence. He never wanted to be a Night Walker; he was turned centuries ago, by accident.  Ever since then, he’s barely been able to contain his hunger.  And he is plagued by the times he has failed at control.

Now he is working to decipher some ancient Mayan text, hoping to unlock the secrets to his kind, and eventually to find a way to die.  But somehow, despite his best intentions, he has fallen for Gretchen, the beautiful translator who he’s been working with all of these months.  He wants her, but he refuses to expose her to his world, so he pushes her away.

Unfortunately, Gretchen is getting a healthy dose of the Night Walker world anyway.  Someone has unleashed a powerful demon on the world, very close to the Mayan site where Gretchen and Lukas are working.  It feeds on death, prompting a string of suicides, and nearly taking Gretchen’s life as well.  Only the four original Night Walkers can return the demon to her prison.

This sets the stage for several things.  Gretchen and Lukas are thrust further together. Calisto –Lukas’s maker and the hero of book 1– is drawn into the storyline, along with his mate, Kate.  We get to meet the oldest Night Walkers and learn their origin story.  And we get a front row seat to the dangerous mission to best the demon, hellbent on destroying humanity.

I liked both Gretchen and Lukas, though perhaps my biggest complaint about the book is that their romance felt overshadowed by the other events of the story. Sometimes, it felt like too much was going on.  I was frustrated over and over by how many times we cut away from our couple to the stuff going on with the ancient ones.  There was a strong sexual tension and great build-up, but I wish we would have had more time to enjoy them together.

I loved seeing Calisto and Kate again, as well as Kane and Rita. And I was intrigued by the Guardian. The world building is cool –and more involved her than in the previous books.  It wasn’t too hard to follow until the reincarnation element came in force.  At that point, I got lost. It was explained eventually, but it all ended up a little… convenient.

Overall, I did enjoy the book, though probably not as much as I liked Night Walker.

Rating: B-

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Night Demon
by Lisa Kessler
Release Date: March 18, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

Review: Night Thief

Reviewed by Jen

I could easily see the Night Walker series turning into one of my guilty pleasures. For me, it has a little bit of that Christine Feehan Carpathian feel. Old world, powerful heroes who are like vampires, but not quite vampires. Men who cherish their women, treat them like they hung the moon, and have a kind of hot sex with them that feels more sensual than dirty. All that good stuff without any white lightning, molten cores, or velvet over iron.

This particular story is kind of sequel, or maybe even a prequel, to Night Walker. It works either way, set in the past of the same world with no overlapping characters. Our hero, Kane, is a Night Walker –a shapeshifter who happens to enter a death-like state during the day and drinks blood to survive. Very different from a vampire — who enters a death-like state during the day, drinks blood to survive, and terrorizes beautiful young women like our heroine, Marguerite.

The lovely Rita is enslaved to an evil vamp –and she is working as pickpocket to earn enough money to escape him with her cousin. She is engaged in a theft when she first catches Kane’s eye. He is drawn to her, and as he gets to know her better, that attraction only grows. For the first time in centuries, he is enamored of a mortal and he reaches out for a connection to her.

Of course, her vampire master has other ideas. But where would a story be without conflict?

I really liked watching Kane fall for Rita and renewing his ability to love someone. Granted, he fell in love with her in, like, five seconds, but still… It’s one of those larger than life vampire romances, where he just knows she’s the one. The sex is pretty good and I think it was just the right length to tell the story. An enjoyable afternoon read.

Rating: B

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Night Thief
by Lisa Kessler
Release Date: September 28, 2012
Publisher: Entangled

Review: Night Walker

Reviewed by Jen

After a failed engagement, Kate has returned to her hometown to seek solace in her old friends and family-home. But it’s only a few weeks before she meets Calisto – a sexy, mysterious stranger who sets her heart racing. Calisto is alluring and strangely familiar. But Kate hasn’t healed from her broken heart and thinks it’s too soon to try to love again.

Calisto can’t believe it when he lays eyes on Kate. She is the reincarnation of Tala, his lost love… the reason he became an immortal. He has been waiting centuries for her return and will do anything to have her love again.
The story flips back and forth between the present day and the past.  So not only do we get to see a relationship unfold between Calisto and Kate but we also see the horrific events that lead to their initial separation, Calisto’s transformation into a Night Walker, and his quest for revenge.
The path to happiness isn’t easy for Kate and Calisto.  She has no idea of their past or what he is. Beyond that, there is a crazed monk, stalking them for his own gain. But despite the roadblocks, the love story is really quite lovely. There is something to be said for a hero with so much yearning and devotion. The story is very contained to a small cast of characters and it gives it a more intimate feel. And after so much loss, it seems criminal to have these two spend even one more minute apart.
The book has a definite resolution. But the door is left open on the idea that there may be more story to tell.

I enjoyed it. A little more than 4 stars.

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Night Walker
by Lisa Kessler
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Publisher: Entangled Publishing