Review: Exposed by L.L. Collins

exposedReviewed by Joanna

This is the fourth in the Jaded Regret rock band series, and for me, this book needed to pull some heavy weight to make up for the last. Natalie, the band’s manager, always had a thing for Tanner, the bassist. She was crazy about the guy for years, and he was about her, but in book three he went and got his HEA somewhere else. I was not a happy plot bunny.

But I was intrigued to know which way Natalie’s romantic life was going to weave. We know the woman has issues, her brother Beau (who I love to death. TO DEATH. Read book two, Snared, to meet poor tortured him) and she were in foster care and had some awful experiences, so whoever was in the frame needed to be man enough to see past her evasions and persist, persist, persist. [Read more…]

Review: Hartstrings: A Jaded Regret Novel by L.L. Collins

heartstringsReviewed by Joanna

This is the third in the Jaded Regret rock band series and the turn of bassist Tanner Hart to tell his tale. Our hero’s a player who has social media pages dedicated (by his fans) to his dick, and who frequently engages in his version of PDA, called PDF. You can work that out by yourselves.

We know from the previous book that Natalie, the band’s manager, has an unrequited thing for Tanner and we open the novel with the two of them nearly getting it on. Tanner is heading to Natalie’s hotel room after a drunken evening together but he gets the door number wrong and as he pauses outside the wrong room, he overhears a violent argument. He can’t walk away and inside finds a broken and bleeding girl being whaled on by her asshole boyfriend. [Read more…]

Review: Sentenced: A Jaded Regret Novel by L.L.Collins

sentencedReviewed by Joanna

Johnny is a total slut. He uses sex to quiet the negative feelings he has about his life and how messed up he is. He’s supremely attractive and confident with the ladies, so that’s handy, but he’s also an ex con and 2 years out of prison. Apparently he isn’t a really bad guy – he just fell into a bad crowd after his parents kicked him out cos he wouldn’t join the family business <– such assholes. Then he was stuck in a drug ring because he fell in love with a girl, but it all ended horribly and he’s scarred. [Read more…]

Review: Snared: A Jaded Regret Novel by L.L. Collins

snaredReviewed by Joanna

Super sexy drummer with depression who needs a good woman.  Any takers? This is the story of Beau, world-class drummer with the rock band Jaded Regret. Beau suffers with mental health issues, and apart from his band, he’s a loner, never connecting with anyone, never hooking up with any of the groupies who throw themselves at him. He’s quiet and sweet and very vulnerable.

One day, his band goes to Orlando to play a benefit gig. They all dress up nice, suits, frocks, tattoos n all and play a song or two and during the evening, Beau sees a vision – the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. And he knows she’s far too good for someone as messed up as him. Favorite. Trope. [Read more…]