Review: Dead Sexy Dragon

dead sexy dragonReviewed by Jaimie

Dead Sexy Dragon is the first book in a new series by Lolita Lopez that surrounds the Brotherhood of the Green Hide.  The Brotherhood is a band of dragons that protect their kind from the Knights of St. George, a group that hunts and kills dragons.  It is a short book at only 97 pages, but it serves as a great introduction to the world of the Brotherhood, while also providing a steamy story.

Stig Wyvern, is a dragon shifter and member of the Brotherhood who has dedicated his life to fighting for his kind.  When Cora, the sister of his dead best friend, shows up at his house needing his protection, Stig’s first instinct is to send her away.  He’s just starting the mating phase and that makes him dangerous to everyone around him.  Cora is on the run from something and although he knows its risky, Stig is unable to send her away. [Read more…]