Review: Tough Love by Lori Foster

tough loveReviewed by Shelly

So much better than Holding Strong (book 2)! Although I enjoyed heavyweight MMA fighter Denver Lewis and his buxom ladylove Cherry Peyton’s match up, there’s something about Stack and Vanity’s story that was much more captivating and interesting to me. Don’t get me wrong, Stack is just as alpha as the rest of the guys, but he was just enough of a good guy that it was a-okay. [Read more…]

Review: Holding Strong by Lori Foster

holding strongReviewed by Shelly

I like Lori Foster’s older stories, but to be fair, I’ve not tried any of her more recent stories – shame on me. This is the 3rd book (there’s a prequel) in her ‘Ultimate’ series about a group of MMA fighters and the women in their lives. I’ve not read the two previous stories, but I didn’t feel lost, so I would say it’s fine as a standalone read.

Denver Lewis is very busy man. During the day, he’s an accountant by trade, but somewhere along the way he got into MMA fighting. He’s a recent addition the to the SBC lineup of fighters; he’s been training out of the gym that belongs to his friends Conner Colter (book 1) and Gage Ringer (book 0.5). Dear readers, I can’t help it but I’m an MMA fan and the geek in me comes out when I read these kinds of stories. [Read more…]

Review: Hard Knocks by Lori Foster

hard knocksReviewed by Carrie

Lori Foster + MMA heroes = sold without even looking at the blurb.  Hard Knocks is the short prequel novella introducing the group of guys of her new contemporary series.

Gage is back in his hometown in Ohio where he normally trains.  He’s still a bit sore that a slight injury that occurred during a sparring session caused him to lose out on his first big main card fight in Japan.  Harper has been holding out for Gage for a long time.  Harper was a bit stung when he took off without a backwards glance to go train at another facility for the big match even though she knows it’s the way of their world. [Read more…]

Review: Getting Rowdy

getting rowdyReviewed by Carrie

Rowdy Yates has been chasing after Avery Mullins ever since he opened up his bar and named her head bartender.  Avery is determined that she is not going to be another notch on her playboy boss’s bedpost but his charismatic ways and a year long dry spell are wreaking havoc on her will.  Just as she’s about to give in, the past comes to haunt her.

Rowdy is a man who is used to getting whatever lady he wants.  He uses sex as a way to keep emotionally closed off from his rough past but Avery needs more than just one night with him.  When trouble starts brewing in Avery’s life, Rowdy’s need to protect her signals that she is more than the other floozies that move through his revolving door. [Read more…]