Review: Victorious by M.S. Force

victoriousReviewed by Shelly

I’m probably the only person who didn’t like this story. I’m a ginormous fan of this author’s romance novels. I think her Green Mountain series is absolutely brilliant and I’ve have had nothing but praise for it. I read the first two books in her new Quantum Trilogy series and was suitably impressed with those, because the story telling was good and the sex wasn’t overpowering. As this is a serial, each book picks up immediately where the other left off. At the end of book two’s review, I put something out there that I wish didn’t happen – ‘I’m going to be sorely disappointed, scratch that – make it pissed off, if Natalie gives in to Flynn’s BDSM lifestyle desires like a bowling pin’. Guess what happened. [Read more…]

Review: Valorous by M.S. Force

valorousReviewed by Shelly

Picking up directly after Virtuous, Valorous continues Natalie and Flynn’s story. They’ve had their big date at one of the many awards shows and spent a few days together when their insular bubble burst. Natalie’s past and secrets that only she had the right to tell, have been told to the entire world. I about cringed when that happened because it’s the worst kind of invasion of privacy, especially in light of the reason for the secret and her age when it happened. One of the things that bothered me from Book 1 was the immediacy of Natalie’s exposure to the public. They went on a single date before Flynn thought that was a good idea to take her to one of the Hollywood culture biggest events. There’s so much in that I found to be forced. [Read more…]

Review: Virtuous by M.S. Force

virtuousReviewed by Shelly

The beginning of Marie Force writing as M.S. Force surprised the you-know-what out of me. I wasn’t surprised by the writing skills of Force, which I’m a fan of, but that she’s delving into the ever-popular BDSM category. I held on to this story for a couple weeks before I started it. I dang near got on my knees and prayed that Force wouldn’t fall in the erotica trap where it’s more prevalent to get to the sex than it is for the story line to make sense and the characters to stay true to themselves. Fair warning, this is a serial and the books continue one to the other. If you read this story, you should expect to have a cliffhanger. [Read more…]