Review: Fatal Reckoning by Marie Force

Reviewed by Debz

I knew this was going to be a tearjerker and man did it deliver. I don’t think I stopped crying for the first half of this book, but I would totally read it again and again. It was exceptional as expected.

In this installment of the Fatal series, Sam finally gets to close the case of the person who shot, paralyzed, and ultimately killed her father, Skip Holland. It was not rocket science to guess that Skip would ultimately die in one of the books and the author made it clear about 5 months ago that this was the book it would happen, but I was still floored when I read it. It really put me through the wringer and I enjoyed so much. (I’m a sucker for pain.)

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Review: Fatal Invasion by Marie Force

Reviewed by Debz

I had to give myself a week to calm down after reading this book. Otherwise, all you would have gotten was the delusional ravings to an avid fan girl. After a week of introspection and rereading, I have to say I still love it. 

This might be the best Fatal book yet. It had everything I wanted; action, police procedural, witty banter, stable family life and it just felt very well rounded. You can tell the author is very comfortable in the story now. That does not mean that the story has become boring and repetitive, but on the other hand, the characters have become more well rounded and lovely. 

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Shelly’s Favorites of 2017

This year started off well but fizzled out. BUT this was the year I discovered audio books. Yeah, ME!

I’ve been a fan of Beverly Jenkins for years. Too many to count. Forbidden (Old West, 1) is a historical with some slight reference to Jenkins’s Through the Storm which is part of ‘The LeVeq Family’ series. I thought this story read great as a standalone. It was wonderfully captivating and touched on the topic of ‘passing’ told from an emotional perspective. [Read more…]

Review: Every Little Thing by Marie Force

Reviewed by Shelly

I keep coming back for more from the Abbotts. Molly, the family matriarch, has a sister, Hannah. Like Molly, Hannah has quite a brood of her own. Eight. Grayson, Noah, Izzy, Vanessa, Alison, Jackson, Henry and Sarah.

As the oldest, Grayson has been man of the house since their father, Hannah’s husband, left the family many years ago. That should be an interesting story of why it took him that long to leave, but good riddance. Grayson, at 36, is now a successful lawyer and just recently bought out of his firm to finally live his life. He’s moved back to his home town where his family, including the Abbotts live. [Read more…]

Series Reading Order: Green Mountain

This is the reading order for the Green Mountain series by Marie Force:

*Denotes novella

Review: Fool for Love by Marie Force

fool for loveReviewed by Shelly

The second book in the ‘McCarthy’s of Gansett Island’ series picks up a few weeks where book 1 ended. Maddie and Mac are living in their dream house, with Maddie’s adorable ray of sunshine, Thomas. You might be inclined to read this as a stand-alone, but I wouldn’t suggest that because of the recurring characters and the on-going story lines.

Mac and Janey have always been close. There was a very funny glimpse of their sibling affections in book 1 when Mac needed Janey to go to the store to get condoms. Normally that would actually come off as a little bit weird, but when you live on an island and everyone knows your business you’ve got to learn how to divide and conquer. Suffice it to say, I liked Janey before I ever read her story. [Read more…]

Review: Maid for Love by Marie Force

maid for loveReviewed by Shelly

I’m very late to the party, but I don’t think I could be more disappointed in this story than when I turned the last page. I’ve read other Marie Force stories. I think her Green Mountain series is brilliant in its simplicity, and was really excited to try additional works. I’m a fan of the maid and the rich guy trope – shoot I watched Maid in Manhattan expressly because of that – but there was something about Maddie and Mac that didn’t convince me.

In her late 20’s Maddie and her sister have lived on Gansett Island their entire lives. For the past 8 years, Maddie’s worked as a maid on the island. I’m not sure what made her chose that career path, but then again it doesn’t matter; she just is. And if many of the townspeople have anything to say about it, Maddie will always only ever be a maid. [Read more…]

Review: Desire After Dark by Marie Force

desire after darkReviewed by Joanna

I’ve not read any of this series and just dived in at book 15(!) because I liked the sound of it. An island, a pilot, a lighthouse keeper, and cozy evenings. Yum. Plus the title sounded sexy, though I quickly worked out by ‘dark’ they mean despair. Not night time. Hmm.

So first thing I find is it’s more of a family saga than a straight up romance. Slim and Erin, our H&H, are getting together after he flies back to the island for the 12 days of Christmas. He met Erin several months ago, and they hit it off, but he’s been working in Florida so their communications have been limited to phone and video calls. Now he’s back, and Erin invites him to stay with her. It’s pretty forward of her as she’s somewhat reserved, but she really likes this guy and wants to let her barriers down. She’s 38, so it’s not her first rodeo, but she’s not gotten on the horse for a while because of the dark thing (she’s been in grief over her twin brother who died in the 9/11 attack) so it’s all a bit more tentative than desirous. [Read more…]

Review: Ain’t She Sweet by Marie Force

aint she sweetReviewed by Shelly

After reading Gavin and Ella’s story in It’s Only Love (Green Mountain, book 5) I was absolutely ready to read Charlotte ‘Charley’ Abbott’s story and to find out why she so ornery. Plus, I was so excited to read a story about someone who’s training for a marathon, considering I’ve done a few, and I know that the training can get pretty intense, especially when you’re going for a PR. So already, I have something in common with Charley – we’re gonna be BFFs.

Charlotte’s can be a little bit prickly… ummm… she might even be the dreaded – difficult, but she’s been the one that Tyler Wescott has always wanted. Even when Charley’s hating on Tyler, he’s been stuck on her.  There were some very funny but a little sad scenes with between Tyler and Charley in the last book. I felt for him because he’s not a bad guy; he’s actually quite nice and thoughtful. [Read more…]

Shelly’s Favorite Books of 2015

I had a very good read from a new to me author, Serena Akeroyd. Menage Material, is the first in her La Belle sans Le bete series and was an absolute winner. It’s a menage (m/m/f) erotica set in France and tells the tale of a CEO, his botanist American wife and their cancer curing scientist lover.

Click to purchase: Menage Material
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