Shelly’s Favorites of 2017

This year started off well but fizzled out. BUT this was the year I discovered audio books. Yeah, ME!

I’ve been a fan of Beverly Jenkins for years. Too many to count. Forbidden (Old West, 1) is a historical with some slight reference to Jenkins’s Through the Storm which is part of ‘The LeVeq Family’ series. I thought this story read great as a standalone. It was wonderfully captivating and touched on the topic of ‘passing’ told from an emotional perspective. [Read more…]

Review: Just One Touch by Maya Banks

Reviewed by Jaimie

As someone who is not a big fan of supernatural themed books, I must say that Maya Banks’ Slow Burn series is one of my absolute favorites. Both the hero and the heroine in each book in this series have been great and I always look forward to the next installment. In Just One Touch we get Isaac and Jenna’s story and this one did not disappoint! There were elements of sweetness – like the way Jenna knows nothing about the modern world, hotness, and of course the usual kick ass portion!

Isaac Washington is one of the original DSS members and we met him for the first time in Beau and Ari’s book In His Keeping. Quiet and fierce, his teammates know only that he is fiercely loyal and considers them his family. Outwardly he seems okay with his life revolving around his work only. That all changes one morning when he is walking back to his truck after getting coffee and doughnuts and notices that someone is trying to steal it. Carefully creeping up he pulls his gun and prepares to apprehend some punk who is stealing his ride. What he finds instead, is the most beautiful woman he’s set his eyes on. [Read more…]

Review: Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

Reviewed by Shelly,

This is my first historical romance by Maya Banks, and instead of the traditional book, I chose the audio version. The narrator, Kirsten Potter, really brought those words and scenes alive for me and made my morning and afternoon commutes pleasant. Highland based historicals haven’t been on my radar in years because they tend to be repetitive but I decided on this because a fellow reader/reviewer tried it. Eveline is deaf. She had a riding accident three years prior and was sick with a fever. Once the fever and her illness went away she was left without the ability to hear. We don’t know if it was the fall or the fever but it doesn’t matter because the end results are the same. [Read more…]

Review: Brighter Than the Sun by Maya Banks

Reviewed by Jaimie

Brighter Than the Sun is the latest installment in the KGI series by Maya Banks, and fans of the series have been waiting for the last Kelly brother to meet his match.  While I loved the book and the main couple Joe and Zoe, it was the scenes with Sean and Rusty that got me the most.  Rusty broke my heart in this book and if possible, I’m dying for them to get their HEA even more now!!!  Okay, back to Joe and Zoe – there was such a sweetness between these two and it wasn’t hard to root for them.  When the end of the book came around I was surprised it was already over because I was enjoying the whole book that much.

Zoe Kildare has had a shitty life thus far.  Her mother left when she was only five, and being the only daughter of a drug kingpin who doesn’t give a crap about her, left her vulnerable to being used by the wrong guy.  She overhears a phone call where the man she thought she loved was talking about how he had been forced to sleep with her to get to her dad, and then casually mentions that he’s going to kill her since its clear the old man doesn’t care about her.  Scared and having nowhere to turn, she calls her one and only friend from college Rusty.  As it turns out, Rusty is a badass who can outdo even Donovan in the technology department.  Rusty creates a new identity complete with full background and then takes Zoe home with her to hide out and regroup. [Read more…]

Review: Kept by Maya Banks

keptReviewed by Jaimie

After my intense dislike for the heroine in the first two books in this series, I was really worried about this one. At some point I’m going to go back and re-read those two and see if my opinion changes but in the meantime, I definitely plan to keep going with this series. Thankfully I cannot say enough good things about Kept, the third installment of the Enforcers series by Maya Banks. Hayley and Silas were a great match for each other and I loved them both! I think Silas is my new favorite book boyfriend. [Read more…]

Review: With Every Breath by Maya Banks

with every breathReviewed by Jaimie

Despite waiting very impatiently for this book, I will confess I was a tiny bit worried about it.  I was dying to read Eliza and Wade’s story, but I kept my fingers crossed that Maya wouldn’t turn Eliza into a simpering woman letting the big bad man save her.  She is a bad ass in all the other books and I did not want to see that gone.  I also worried Wade would demand that Eliza quit her job and be his little woman.  My fears were for naught; this book was amazing and is probably my favorite Maya Banks book ever!  With Every Breath is the fourth book in Maya’s Slow Burn series and if you like romantic suspense, you have to dive into this series. [Read more…]

Review: Dominated by Maya Banks

dominatedReviewed by Jaimie

Oh Maya.  Dominated is the second book in Maya Banks’ Enforcers series, and the continuation of Drake and Evangeline’s story.  I wanted to love it I really did – but I almost marked it DNF.  I’m glad I pushed through because it did get better at the end, but there were times I wanted to reach through the pages and smack Evangeline – HARD.

I don’t even know how to write this review because it was another bizarre experience.  Drake had his asshole moments, but overall I really liked him.  I also love the men that work for him, and I cannot wait to get their stories.  The men were the only reason I kept reading. [Read more…]

Review: Mastered by Maya Banks

masteredReviewed by Jaimie

After the last book I read from Maya Banks let me down, I was looking forward to reading her next one to erase that memory. Mastered is the first book in her Enforcers series and is book one of two for the hero Drake and heroine Evangeline. I’m not sure this has ever happened to me, but I really liked the book and hated the heroine. It’s a confusing, I know, but I will try to make sense of it here. [Read more…]

Review: Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks

darkest before dawnReviewed by Jaimie

By now, everyone knows my fangirl love for Maya Banks so this review has me so conflicted. Fans of the KGI series have been dying to know Hancock’s story – especially after we saw the softer side of him in When Day Breaks, and if you take out a big chunk in the middle of the book – I loved Darkest Before Dawn. But somewhere partway through, the book went WAY off in a different direction and I felt like the heroine had been switched out with someone else. I’m not even kidding when I say that I started to wonder if perhaps since this was a galley copy, Maya had done one version and then decided to go in another way and the book just wasn’t put together properly. [Read more…]

Review: Safe At Last by Maya Banks

safe at lastReviewed by Jaimie

My love of all things Maya Banks continues with Safe At Last, the newest installment in her Slow Burn series. While this one has my favorite couple of the series so far, I must admit there were a few things in the book that drove me a little batty, which is a first for me with Maya. Safe At Last is Zach and Anna-Grace’s story and it had less of the psychic elements that the first two books had which some may prefer. As a warning though, if rape is a trigger for you then you will want to avoid this one, although it was not an overly graphic scene. [Read more…]