Review: Coming Home to Crimson by Michelle Major

Reviewed by Sara

When Cole, the sheriff of small town Crimson, Colorado, pulls over a speeding Porsche, he’s more annoyed than curious about the car’s occupant. Inside is Sienna Crenshaw, the estranged sister of the beleaguered mayor of Crimson, Jase, and to say that she has issues is a huge understatement. Sienna hasn’t been back to Crimson since her parents split up and she and her mother left her father and brother. It’s been 20 years and she hasn’t heard from her father or brother. She is hurt and angry and, thanks to a cheating fiance and a mother who wants her to forgive him, very, very alone. Cole’s annoyance doesn’t last long and he soon finds himself drawn to the Crimson newcomer, but Cole has his own demons. Coming Home to Crimson follows Cole and Sienna as they battle the past towards a future together. [Read more…]