Review: We Are All Found Things by Molly O’Keefe

Reviewed by Joanna

This is a beautiful short story clocking in at only 65 pages, but take the author’s name and add Virgin Hero to the description and if you aren’t one clicking then I don’t know what to do with you.

Let’s start over. Rennie is an artist who specializes in metal sculptures. She takes a warehouse in a dodgy part of North Minneapolis to carry out her work, but it keeps getting broken into at night and her metals stolen. So she places an advert for someone to rent the bedroom above her workspace for free, as they’ll provide a deterrent and be around to call the police if the thieves come back. [Read more…]

Review: Wait For It by Molly O’Keefe

Reviewed by Joanna

This author writes the most perfectly broken people, I can barely read her work for being doubled over with chest pains from all the damned feelings she makes me feel.

This is the fourth and last in the Everything I Left Unsaid series (though can be read as standalone), and we see Tiffany’s life spinning out of control. She turns up at her friend Annie’s (books’ 1 & 2 heroine) house in the dark of the night with her three kids in the back of the car and wearing her slippers. Her estranged husband, Phil, turned up at her apartment and she had to flee out the back window. Phil is a violent and abusive man, and poor Tiffany has been on the run from him. [Read more…]

Joanna’s Favorites of 2016

I joined the team of Red Hot Ladies in January and challenged myself to expand my reading choices past my usual go-tos. I’ve had my eyebrows raised and I’ve found writers I will love forever, from long-established authors to newbies who’ve contacted us at the blog and offered their work.

Throughout the year I’ve been editing my own novel, which is my new favorite and never ending pastime. Seriously – help, I can’t stop. Much respect for my co-reviewers, who published, drafted and dreamed big their own books this year – you guys rule and your work is sublime. On with my other favorite reads from the past twelve months:


Magic Binds (Kate Daniel #9) by Ilona Andrews

I’m pretty sure this novel will be on Jen’s list too. I love this series and rate this book as one of their best. The development of the relationship between Kate and Roland, her doting/murderous father, is fascinating. Curran made me laugh out loud, as did the side characters just being their excellent selves. The story is fast paced, compelling and tense, with little let up, and the world of post-shift Atlanta is just as awesome as it ever was. [Read more…]

Review: Bad Neighbor by Molly O’Keefe

bad-neighborReviewed by Joanna

This is a sneaky novel by my new favorite author, released with little warning and fanfare. Mean guy? Dark secrets? Hell yes. My grabby hands swiped it up.

Charlotte is a slightly geeky, rather body conscious, absolute sweetheart. She moved into the run down development of Shady Oaks after selling her home and giving away all her money. Her twin sister was in trouble, and our girl is a total giver.

As an illustrator, Charlotte can earn her way out of poverty, so the duration of her stay in the slums is limited. Unless, that is, she has a reason to hang around. [Read more…]

Review: Everything I Left Unsaid by Molly O’Keefe

everything-i-left-unsaidReviewed by Joanna

A little while ago, I read the third book in this series, Burn Down the Night, and loved it so much I put the first, second and fourth straight on my reading list.

I was not disappointed. This new-to-me author is now on my auto-buy. Here’s why.

Twenty-four year old Annie is on the run, having left the farm she grew up on and an untenable home life with a violent husband. After taking an evasive flight pattern, she winds up in a trailer park in the middle of nowheresville, and is scared, injured, naive and alone when she answers a ringing mobile phone, left in the trailer she’s renting. [Read more…]