Review: Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh

archangels-heartReviewed by Jen

I’m surprised at how much complaining I’ve seen in reviews for this book simply because it’s not about Bluebell and Aodhan. Heck yeah, I want to see that too, but I love Elena and Raphael too. I really enjoyed this book for a lot of reasons. But for the B/A shippers, this book is necessary. It focuses a lot on Aodhan. We get to know him more than we have in all the other books combined. I’m glad Nalini Singh took the time to build up his character here. It will make his book all that much sweeter when it finally gets here. [Read more…]

Review: Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

wild embraceReviewed by Jen

I’m such a fan of the Psy-Changeling series. This anthology gives us a peek into the lives of (mostly) secondary characters whose stories have been waiting to be told.

Echo of Silence – This story takes place early in the series timeline, after the second book, Visions of Heat, but if you’re worried about jumping that far back in the series, don’t. This story stands up completely on its own, and it may be my absolute favorite novella in the series. It harkens back to those early stories where the Psy are still holding tightly to Silence. And though our hero’s Silence is fractured, it’s a secret that could cost him his life. [Read more…]

Review: Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh

allegiance of honorReviewed by Jen

I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a long time. To be fair, though, this not your average Psy-Changeling book. It’s not a romance. It’s more like a dozen romances, all reveling in their own versions of Happily Ever After. It’s a reunion. It’s a celebration. An ending and a beginning. And maybe that won’t be what every reader wants. But for me, this book won on every level. I cried. I laughed out loud. I basked in a thousand feels and I ended the story completely satisfied.

There are so many things going on here. After all, this is the culmination of the story arc that started with book one. We revisit every character. We tie almost every thread. It’s a task that could have been overly ambitious or scattered, but Nalini Singh is such a master of her craft that it all just… fit. [Read more…]

Carrie’s Most Anticipated Books of 2015

I know I’m going to miss a bunch after I send this list to post, but these are just a few of the books that have me biting my nails until they release.   I ordered them by release date to let you manage your excitement.

Tell me in the comments what you can’t wait for! [Read more…]

Jen’s Favorite Books of 2015

It’s hard to believe we’re leaving another great year of reading behind us. In 2015, I found it more difficult to find books that suit my taste. I don’t care to read about billionaire bachelors, rock stars, step-brothers, biker gangs, or BDSM. Take a minute and think about how many titles fell into those categories last year.  I did a lot of backlist reading to fill in the gaps.

There were some really good new releases that I did enjoy; they were just more scarce. Here’s a look at some of the 2015 releases that really satisfied. [Read more…]

Review: Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh

rock redemptionReviewed by Carrie

I get so frustrated when a series is hit or miss for me because it just leaves me confused. Did I miss something? Was I just in a weird mood?  I haven’t come to an exact conclusion yet.  The first book in the series, Rock Addiction, was disappointing for me. However, I really loved the second, Rock Hard. When I got this book, I was so hopeful. Unfortunately, the story was a bit of a let down for me. [Read more…]

Review: Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh

archangels enigmaReviewed by Jen

This series continues to deliver everything I want in paranormal romance. Even after eight installments, it is still engaging, exciting, and emotional. I read this book all in one sitting, then got mad at myself for my inability to savor it like it truly deserves. Nalini Singh completely satisfies with Nassir’s story, giving us the answers we’ve been waiting for, and finally allowing us to know this man who has been such a mystery all this time.

Nassir is simply a wonderful character. He is more than 600 years old, but there is still this …not innocence, but… lack of artifice to him. Unlike so many other long-lived entities in the series, he is not jaded. He’s not naive, but he is pure in a way. He is also sexy, intelligent, practical, honorable, and loyal to those he considers family. Now he finally considers himself grown and is looking for a mate. [Read more…]

Review: Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

shards of hopeReviewed by Jen

This book reminded me why the Psy-Changeling series is one of my absolute favorites. Nalini Singh accomplishes several things here. First and foremost, she creates a satisfying and emotional romance between the enigmatic Arrow leader Aden and his damaged fellow soldier Zaira. But she also sets up a fantastic new arc to carry the series forward, with a new mysterious villain; and she introduces a wealth of new characters who can create a fertile breeding ground for future stories.  Pretty impressive. [Read more…]

Jen’s Most Anticipated Books of 2015


Can you believe it’s already time to look ahead to 2015? Here are some of the books on my radar for the coming year:

burned 1Burned by Karen Marie Moning – I went back and forth with myself about whether to include this one. The date has been pushed back so many times — and I know the focus has changed drastically over revisions. But the truth is, I’ve inhaled every single book in this series so far. And whether it’s about Dani or Mac or, frankly, whoever, I know I am going to buy it the day it comes out.

Release Date: January 20, 2015 (or so they say) [Read more…]

Jen’s Favorite Books of 2014


Another great year of reading is drawing to a close and looking back on some of the awesome titles, I am tempted to go back and read some of them again.  Now that I have put this list together, I realize that just about every one is part of a series. Some of them can stand alone. Others are better read after enjoying earlier installments.  But either way, for me, they are the cream of the crop from the year 2014. [Read more…]