Review: The Makeover: A Modern Love Story by Nia Forrester

Reviewed by Debz

This is a contemporary romance between best friends, Sam and Colt. They have been best friends since they were in diapers and this was a story of their trip, ehhh, fall into love.

I admit, the name of the book had nothing to do with the story, so that confused me a little bit. I was hoping there would be no story arc where the heroine had to change herself to suit the expectations of love interest. Now back to the story.

The story begins with Sam and Colt in their habitat, Sam calling Colt to fix a faulty toilet and him dropping his date plans to do it for her. From the first sentence, you can tell and see and feel the romantic tension between our two main characters. Colt convinces Sam to come on his date/hangout type situation and then gets really jealous when Sam gets into a conversation with another guy at the bar whilst on his date. He ends the date abruptly and takes a drunk Sam home and there, the magic happens. Or starts to anyway. [Read more…]