Review: The Takeover Effect by Nisha Sharma

Reviewed by Olive

The Takeover Effect is the first book in Nisha Sharma’s Singh Family trilogy. It tells the story of the eldest Singh brother, Hemdeep, who broke his father’s heart when he left the family multinational corporation to create his own legacy. At the start of our tale, sales and profits are down far enough that a buyout offer is made and Daddy Singh has a heart attack. As the Singh brothers scramble to respond without disclosing the health issues, lawyer Mina Kohli shows up to lead the Board committee reviewing the offer.

Mina is trying to rebuild her mother’s legacy, tarnished by her younger brothers when they kicked her out of the firm she started. To accomplish her planned coup, Mina needs to make partner and her uncle dangles that cheery in front of her on the condition that her recommendation aligns with his interests. She can smell a rat but what other option does she have?

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