Review: Wicked Dance by Olivia Booth

Reviewed by Shelly

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I read this. I didn’t do any research on either the author or the story so I wasn’t sure about the quality of the story but I thought the blurb sounded like it would be something different for me. This is the first book in Olivia Boothe’s ‘Chronicles of a Dancing Heart’ series and read as a part 1, not a standalone. The ending was abrupt and left me a aggravated.

Sara Hart is young and living in New York. Working as an administrative assistant for a dance company, she loves her job but can’t stand the people that she works for. She’s a trained dancer whose dreams didn’t match the life that she’s currently living in. She was actually very good at her job; it’s too bad the people she worked for were both disrespectful and temperamental. They definitely lived up to the stereotypical people in their positions. [Read more…]