Review: Luck of the Dragon

luck of the dragonReviewed by Jaimie

Luck of the Dragon is the first book in a new series by Susannah Scott and revolves around a group of dragon shape-shifters who live in plain sight in Las Vegas.  Dragons are not typically my thing but the blurb of the book hooked me and I’m definitely glad I gave it a shot!

Luciana de Luca is a world renowned gemologist who has worked incredibly hard to put her difficult childhood behind her and build a stable life.  The only thing holding her back is her useless twin brother who continuously gets in trouble through gambling debts and then turns to his sister to bail him out.  His latest screw up has him in deep with a notorious mob boss and he once again turns to Lucy to save his hide. [Read more…]

Review: Demon Crossings

demon crossingsReviewed by Jaimie

Demon Crossings is the first book in the Twilight of the Gods series by Eleri Stone.  I had initially started with book two but felt like I was missing some stuff so I went back and started at the beginning.  I’m glad I did!  While Norse Gods and mythology aren’t normally my thing, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the plot, the characters and the overall storyline.

The story revolves around Grace, a private investigator who stumbles into Ragnarok, Iowa, while looking for a missing girl.  She is a psychic who is able to locate the people she is looking for.  Grace crashes her car after seeing some kind of a monster in the road and she is rescued by Aidan, a sexy and somewhat old fashioned man who she instinctively trusts.   [Read more…]

Review: Touched

touchedReviewed by Jaimie

Touched is the first book in a series by A.J. Aalto that focuses on Marnie Baranuik, a dual-talented forensic psychic who can feel the emotions of others and read impressions left behind on objects.  Baranuik has been nicknamed The Great White Shark by the media and when we first meet her, she has just “retired” from the FBI after having worked a grand total of one case.  For me this story actually had elements that I had never read before and nowadays when so many books follow whatever the “theme” of the moment is, this was a huge bonus.   In addition to FBI agents and psychics the book also has vampires (or revenants as they insist on being called), werewolves, flesh eating bugs, and of course humans.  The psychics get their powers from the revenant they “day sit” for and I really enjoyed this aspect of the story.  If their revenant dies, they slowly lose their powers and eventually go a little batty. [Read more…]