Review: Unconditional

unconditionalReviewed by Jaimie

The Cascadia Wolves series was my first experience with Lauren Dane’s work and since then I have devoured everything she has written.  While I love all her books, this series holds a special place in my heart.  We have seen brief glimpses of the wolves in the De La Vega Cats and Bound by Magick books but I was really excited to return to the world of Nina, Cade, Grace, et al.  The wait was worth it – Unconditional was an excellent addition to the series and it sets up stories for the other two series as well!

Police Officer Michelle Slattery is woken up one morning by a frantic call from her best friend’s mother reporting that there has been a struggle at her friend’s apartment and that she is missing.  As a witch, Michelle is vaguely aware that witches are being targeted all over but she has no idea how bad the situation is. [Read more…]