Review: Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid

Reviewed by Joanna

This is the wedding book that goes after the romance-getting of book one. It is not a standalone, so can’t be read as a complete story in its own right by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, it slots somewhat awkwardly between the first—Janie’s story of meeting Quinn—and the second, which charts the romance of one of her friends. But it spoils part of book two, so I don’t think it should be read in number order.

Do you like these point-five kind of stories? Infill bits that don’t make sense on their own but give extra scenes and carry on the love? For the right couple I love them, but this tale was fifty fifty. [Read more…]

Review: Friends Without Benefits

friends without benefitsReviewed Carrie

Elizabeth Finney thinks she’s come a long way since high school in small town Iowa  Not only has she physically changed from “Skinny Finney” by adding curves and growing out her hair, she’s a successful doctor at a prestigious hospital in Chicago.  She’s calm and collected, despite the occasional impulsive urges to play pranks at the hospital.  Elizabeth is ok with life.  She has her knitting circle friends and an occasional bed partner and that’s how she likes it.

Then one day, as Elizabeth is on her research rotation, Nico Manganniello, aka Nico Moretti, aka former underwear model turned tv star, aka Elizabeth’s childhood nemesis, unwittingly walks through the hospital doors so that his niece can be entered in a study for cystic fibrosis.  [Read more…]

Review: Neanderthal Seeks Human

Neanderthal Seeks HumanReviewed by Carrie

I was in a reading slump when I picked up this book after remembering hearing good things about it on Twitter. Boy, am I glad I did.  This book is funny, a little nerdy, very cute with great sexual tension and a happy sigh-worthy HEA.

Janie Morris is having a bad day to end all bad days.  When Janie catches her boyfriend cheating on her and gives him the heave ho, out also goes the apartment she splits with him and her job as an accountant in his dad’s firm.  [Read more…]