Review: Fighting Kat by PJ Schnyder

fighting katReviewed by Jen

Panther shifter Kat Darah is sill getting used to the idea of having a man in her life. It’s been years since she was forcibly infected with lycanthropy, then tortured and raped by her captives. Yet Rygard is the first man she has been able to open herself up to since it happened. And now they are trying to maintain a relationship long-distance. With her job as part of a mercenary space crew and his in the military, they don’t have many other options. But as the book begins, it appears their missions are finally converging to put them at the same place at the same time. [Read more…]

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AAD Author PJ Schnyder is here to tell us a little about herself and her work. Make sure to comment for a chance to win one of her four titles!

First of all, thank you very much for having me as a guest on Red Hot Books. It’s been a little over a year since my first book released and I am still doing little happy dances when I see the cover. 😀

The biggest excitement for me comes from being able to share my stories, so here I thought I’d present each of my current (and some of my upcoming) titles and give a random tidbit about each one that might not be a direct part of the story.

I hope you all enjoy my fun facts and would like to offer a giveaway. Just leave a comment for a chance to win a free ebook, choosing from Heart’s Sentinel, Red’s Wolf, Hunting Kat or Evie’s Gift.

Remember My Name (incl in Gimme Shelter anthology)

J.R. Blackwell shot me an email while I was in Seattle celebrating my birthday.  She’d recently released her role playing game, Shelter in Place, and was planning a companion anthology of zombie stories.
For J.R., I wrote my very first flash fiction. It was also my first pure science fiction piece, no romance… and also my very first zombie story.
Plus, I did it in a single afternoon, a block from where the story is set, next to no less than three French-presses full of gourmet coffee. What? It was Seattle. 😛

Drowning Tides (incl in Love’s Immortal Pantheon Vol. 5 anthology)

Not long after I wrote Drowning Tides, I took my mother to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  After the movie, we walked out to the car bickering with each other in our affectionate mother-daughter way.
Mom: I’m so disappointed. I didn’t like the mermaids. Disney didn’t stick to the mythology.
Me: Actually, mythology tells of mermaids doing a lot of those things, mom, luring boats to wreckage, drowning sailors and whatnot.
Mom: You loved The Little Mermaid.
Me: The original Hans Christian Anderson version wasn’t like Disney’s. It didn’t have a happy ending.
Mom: Yes it did.
Me: Mom. The prince falls in love with someone else and she turns to sea foam.
When I sent a special print copy of the anthology to my mom for her birthday, I wrote a little apology in there about my mermaids not being the Disney mermaids she liked. She wrote to me later saying it was okay, she still liked my story.
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Hunting Kat (Book 1 of the Triton Experiment series)

The tiny hologram guarding Boggle’s door is a nod to one of my favorite fantasy movies of all time.
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Carina Press

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Heart’s Sentinel (Book 1 of the Terra’s Guardians series)

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology and was offered an apprenticeship at the T.I.G.E.R.S. conservation to work with big cats. I ultimately didn’t choose to go that route for my day job career but I love to put what I know of them into my feline shapeshifters.
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Red’s Wolf (Book 2 of the Terra’s Guardians series)
When I was writing one of the scenes in Red’s Wolf, one of my hunter friends really did show up at my front door with a fresh rabbit. He asked me to show him how to clean it and make rabbit pot pie.  I couldn’t help having Jason offer to run down a rabbit for Carri.
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While I was writing the glittering ball room scene, I attended a day job convention and saw the ugliest ice sculpture sitting on a reception table. Obviously, it needed to be destroyed.
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Review: Hunting Kat

Reviewed by Jen

Hunting Kat is sexy, futuristic sci-fi story, with a little bit of paranormal flavor. The main character, Kat, is a mercenary with a traumatic past. She was taken prisoner, raped, forced into lycanthropy, and kept as a pet by her enemies. That was years ago, and she has come a long way, but she still hasn’t entirely recovered, nor has she had a relationship with a man since.

Her shipmates hope to change that. So they leave her behind on a planet for some forced R&R. She meets Rygard at a local bar and she is undeniably attracted to him. Rygard is a soldier who is questioning his future in the military, after a mission went bad. The two of them get together quickly with some hot results. But before the afterglow even fades, the repercussions of Rygard’s bad mission ends up on their doorstep. He and Kat have to together to try to make things right.

I liked both leads, though Rygard does make a pretty bonehead move with Kat, not knowing her history. Their tumble in the sheets is great, and a little more poignant than I would have expected, due to Kat’s sexual assault. The story was fast-paced and action packed, with well-developed characters and a strong supporting cast. I wasn’t really thrilled with the ending, though… a little epilogue would have gone a long way to give me the HEA I needed. 4 stars.

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Hunting Kat
by PJ Schnyder
Release Date: July 4, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press