Review: Their Taydelaan

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read quite a few of Clark’s stories and although I have been content with them in the past, this story left me with this feeling of ‘wait, wait, where’s the rest of it?’ This is part of a series, but it’s not promoted that way. The blurb didn’t hint of that either, but it was interesting enough that I took the plunge. While reading this, I felt that I missed too much to really understand the world or the characters.

This is a pretty short read (about 20K or about 40 pages ePub version). During a visit to see her sister in the hospital, Jade literally bumps into a man, Mitchell, who’s her Taydelaan – a genetically matched mate. I’m not sure how the matched genetics came into play because they’re from two different planets. Mitchell is Zachary’s husband and they’ve been waiting for their Taydelaan for quite some time. Three months after the hospital incident, Jade continues to dream of Mitchell and Zach but doesn’t understand why. After agreeing to go to the christening of her sister’s daughter, Jade, she can physically reconnect with Mitchell, meet Zachary, and finally find out the meaning behind her dreams.

Jade is hard and a little cold. I think she’s been through some things, but I’m not sure what. I was hoping to find out and that would have probably help in making her a more likable character. I definitely saw something I liked in her, but it didn’t all come to fruition. Surprising to me, even though this was a quick read (and maybe because it was) I expected to see more interaction between the three but to my dismay, there was more between the guys and not enough about Jade. Jade’s strained relationship with her sister might have explained some things, but I’m not sure because it wasn’t explained.  Maybe the reason for the tension was in another story.

Mitchell and Zachary were nice guys but I didn’t see why Jade ended up with them because she didn’t like them. That back story was missing and Jade going from ‘I don’t like you’ to ‘I want to have sex with you’ was so hurried it left me unable to enjoy the story. I felt so rushed, but that’s nothing new with my feelings with reading this author. I’ve forgiven it in the past because the premises were good for some of the stories.  But this one just felt flat for me.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

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Their Taydelaan
by Rachel Clark
Release Date: April 12, 2011
Publisher: Siren

Review: The Bride’s Unexpected Change in Plans

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read some other stories from this author, but I can honestly say this short story is my favorite so far. Although this takes place in a world where other stories of Desconians have been penned by Clark, there’s no reference to say that this must be read as part of a series. For your own enjoyment you might want to, but I understood this storyline and the characters just fine as a standalone.

On Descon, in a galaxy far far away, mail-order bride Kimberley arrives from Earth on her wedding day only to be told that her promised marriage has been cancelled. Royal guard Ewin was sent to protect the Earth women from unwanted attention and has to break the news of the broken engagement to Kimberley.

Empathetic towards the abandoned Kimberley, Ewin takes her home to stay with him and his husband Dayved. Knowing that she’s not going to be able to stay with them forever, Kimberley nonetheless begins to develop romantic feelings for the couple. I really, really like angst –and Kimberley had quite a bit– but it didn’t feel over done; matter of fact, I thought it was very appropriate for the position that she found herself in. She’s away from home; she has no money after spending all of it to travel to the new planet; she’s doesn’t know anyone on Descon. She had so many negatives that I could see how self-doubt could take over a bit and be almost impossible to shake. What I really liked about Kimberley was that there was quite a difference in her between the beginning and the end of the story; a lot of growth and self-confidence.

Ewin and Dayved were an interesting couple because when they met Kimberley they were not looking for a third. It was purely by accident (fate if you must) that Ewin was present at Kimberley’s arrival. They found that even though they were not looking for a bride, Kimberley was their perfect match.

The sex among these three was hot. There was an anal scene that seemed out of place in the sequence of events, but other than that, both the sex and the story were really good.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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The Bride’s Unexpected Change in Plans
by Rachel Clark
Release Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Siren