Review: Stay With Me by Reana Malori

stay with meReviewed by Shelly

I recently got into reading the interracial (BW/WM) stories by this author and there are definitely some similarities between these stories – some repetition which I don’t think would be so noticeable if I wasn’t reading them back to back trying to play catchup on Reana Malori’s work.

Keisha Gaines and Greg Jordan met when they were both enlisted. At that first meeting, Keisha has an immediate attraction to Greg, but Greg’s only interest was as a friend. After a few years of not wanting to hear about Greg and his dates/girlfriends, Keisha moves away to live her life. She has no trouble continuing her friendship with Greg but she knows that she can’t continue to bear witness to his soliloquies on his girlfriends. Great set up for a friends to lovers storyline. [Read more…]

Review: Escape to Heaven by Reana Malori

escape to heavenReviewed by Shelly

*Disclaimer – I bought this book years ago and never got around to reading. My PDF version has a 2010 date and was published by Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

This story has scenes of domestic violence between Adele and her husband Joey Bittner. If this is a trigger for you – this is your warning. After years of her husband’s verbal and physical abuse, Adele finds the mental clarity that if she stays she’s going to die and she’s not ready to die – not yet and certainly not by him. [Read more…]

Review: Finding Faith by Reana Malori

finding faithReviewed by Shelly

This was an okay read; it could/should have been better if there was actual conflict. Cooper Branson is a former Special Forces (Army) with a precocious (aren’t they all) 4 year-old daughter. Leaving the armed forces after his wife died to take care of his daughter, Cooper’s been doing just fine with his memories and there’s nothing he won’t do for Madison. Deciding that’s it’s time to move on, Cooper and Madison move into a new neighborhood. Next door neighbor, Faith Douglas, catches a glimpse of Cooper, Madison and the menagerie that is his family and decides to do the polite neighborly thing (providing a home cooked dish). [Read more…]

Review: Second Chances by Reana Malori

second chancesReviewed by Shelly

A sexy interracial story (bw/wm) about two people who find love where they least expect it. Erica Parker lost her husband four years ago and never thought she’d find love again. Todd Atkins was a man who was happy being a bachelor and had never been in a long-term relationship. An unexpected meeting, in the most unlikely of places, will bring two people together and help them have a second chance at love.

I read another IR story by this author and thought there was enough potential that I should get some of her other stories. This is a fun, short read about Erica Parker and Todd Atkins. Erica’s a widow with a 4-year old son. While working at her second job at a local bowling alley, she meets millionaire entrepreneur Todd Atkins. Todd’s out with his friends just having a boys night out when he meets Erica and her son, Miles. [Read more…]