Review: Demon’s Mercy by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jen

I am such a fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series. And I am just over the moon that she has come back to it. Even more, I love her Kyllwood demons. These brothers have fought so hard for their entire lives to get where they are and ensure the future of their people. Zane was awesome and now we have Logan, who is just a fantastic hero.

He is poised to undergo the ritual to become one of the Seven… guardians of bubble dimensions which hold back basically the most powerful bad guy ever. The heroine, Mercy, is one of three women who serve as “keys.” If these women are brought together, they can kill that bad guy. So, as the story begins, Logan is watching her, waiting for an opportunity to bring her in. He has no idea she is actually bait for a trap to catch him.

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Review: Vampire’s Faith by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jen

I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover Rebecca Zanetti’s return to the Dark Protector series. Though she kept one toe in the pool with her Realm Enforcers spinoff, those books never quite had the same magic for me as the original series. This one absolutely does. It completely re-captured the magic of those early books and I felt like I never left.

I knew from the blurb that the hero would be a Karys, but what I didn’t know was how he would fit in with the family I knew and loved from the previous books. Would this be a prequel? Were we jumping forward in time? I knew I had never heard of a character named Ronan before. Turns out, it’s the best scenario of all. This book pics up about seven years after the last Dark Protectors book. Ronan is an ancestor of Dage– long dead to most of the world, his existence almost erased. [Read more…]

Review: Twisted Truths by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jaimie

I am SO sad to be writing the final review for the Blood Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti. This one and the Sin Brothers series, which are related, are two of my all-time favorite series and the final installment was bittersweet. Twisted Truths gave us Denver’s story and I could tell from the way he was hitting the bottle in the two previous books to forget Noni that his was going to be great. It did not disappoint!

Noni, a business owner who makes lotions and creams, is in a desperate situation. Her niece has been kidnapped and Noni is frantically trying to rescue her from her gangster father. The man likely killed her sister and Noni was named as the baby’s guardian. For now it is just her and her two aunts chasing dangerous criminals around the country but she knows she’s in over her head. Swallowing her pride, she posts all over the internet looking for the man who broke her heart the year before. Unfortunately for Noni, by plastering pictures of herself and Denver, she has welcomed Denver’s enemies to come after her as well. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Bite by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jen

I was such a huge fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series! These Realm Enforcer books haven’t enraptured me quite as much, largely because the series arc surrounding the Apollo drug didn’t have the same oomph as the possibility of a war among supernatural factions. That being said, this installment is easily my favorite in this spin-off series.

The reason: a cranky introverted Alpha Grizzly named Bear. [Read more…]

Review: Lethal Lies by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jaimie

Lethal Lies is the second book in the Blood Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti and this one was just as good as the first! This series is a spin-off of The Sin Brothers series and so far I have loved every one! The action kicks off right out of the gate with this one and it doesn’t stop throughout. Anya and Heath were a great hero and heroine and the story kept my attention from start until finish. The set-up for Denver’s book has me dying to get my hands on that one as well!! [Read more…]

Review: Deadly Silence by Rebecca Zanetti

deadly-silenceReviewed by Jaimie

I was so bummed out when I started the last book in the Sin Brothers series, because it was one of my favorites. The way the book ended I was fairly certain that there would be more of the series, but I couldn’t find any information on Rebecca Zanetti’s website, so I wasn’t sure. At RT 2016 I had the chance to speak to Ms. Zanetti who told me that the series would be spun off to a new one and I could not wait to get it. Deadly Silence is the first book in the Blood Brothers series and while the focus is on a new set of brothers, we got to see the guys that we fell for in the earlier series. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Burn by Rebecca Zanetti

wicked burnReviewed by Jen

Though I haven’t loved the Realm Enforcers books as much as the Dark Protectors series from which they came, I have to say that this third installment was definitely a bigger hit for me than the first two. That’s probably because –A– this heroine is every bit as badass as the hero and –B– the story feels much more tied into the original series and characters.

Rebecca Zanetti has been sprinkling in little teases about the romance between Simone and Nick for the past couple of books. Now, they’re finally the main event. It’s a second chance at love story for these two. They were supposed to be mated a century ago. But a prophet warned Nick that he must take another path or risk Simone dying from a plague only he could help prevent. It forced him to break her heart and live a dark life, but his sacrifices paid off. Now that he has fulfilled his mission, all he wants is another chance with the powerful witch he has loved a lifetime. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti

wicked edgeReviewed by Jen

I have mixed feelings about this book and it pains me to say so. I really enjoyed Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protector series. But despite the fact that the Realm Enforcer books exist in the same world with crossover characters, this doesn’t have the same magic for me. I was lukewarm with book one and this second installment gave me as much grief as enjoyment.

My biggest issue is with the Alpha-hole hero. Daire is one of the Dunne brothers, who protect the Coven Nine witches. We established in the last book that they are away from their Irish home, trying to root out the source of a drug that is deadly to witches. They are undercover in a motorcycle gang (though in this installment that connection is almost superfluous.) As the story begins, Daire picks up a beautiful woman in a biker bar and takes her home for the night. He has no idea she is not the human she appears. He finds out quickly, though, when she manages to drug him and ransack his house. [Read more…]

Review: On the Hunt by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, Dianne Duvall, and Hannah Jayne

on the huntReviewed by Jen

This anthology is a pretty mixed bag of mostly paranormal romance. It features a few stories from ongoing series… none of which I was familiar with. Here’s a breakdown:

“On the Hunt” – This is my first story from Alexandra Ivy, and served as a pretty good introduction to her Sentinels series. She clearly lays out the basics of the world from the beginning, so I never felt lost and it was easy to focus my attention on the romance. [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Ride by Rebecca Zanetti

wicked rideReviewed by Jen

I was such a fan of the Dark Protectors series that when I learned about this spinoff, it was the squee heard ’round the world.  This book features characters from the same world and cameo appearances from some old favorites.  It felt familiar in a lot of ways and I enjoyed it. But it was missing the fantastic series arc that knocked the Dark Protectors out of the park –and I felt the lack. [Read more…]